#AbolishCyberbullying: Raising Awareness

Yes your statement states that none of us know the true impact words have on others. My response basically agrees but goes on to state that it’s a shame that those making hurtful statements derive pleasure hurting others. What’s disappointing is that your response by criticizing my “flying” is a perfect example of what can be the start of you just described.


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Mental health. The topic is definitely important, however the way to address it, esp in a game is a daunting task.

So many different people, that are affected by different types of stimuli ( region,race,politics,economics,upbringing,etc etc), hard To narrow done a specific approach.

Many of the bullying in game is done by the bullied in real life, people find ways to cry out when hurting menatally.

Bottom line the block feature is the best generic fix, as well as language filter.

The other fixes are within community, and like minded individuals, however an open mind is required.

Keep up the good fight, befriend both the bullied, and the bully. Get to know the individual, or block and move on. Sadly the corruption of the real world has entered gaming, but that’s the result of being anonymous. Where do the good people hang out tis the question.


hm, thinking that what i described and what you described are synonymous is unfortunate. to me, it seems you came here with something to say and attached it to something unrelated, which isn’t appreciated. you know how to reach me if you have an issue with me :slight_smile:

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Really? If you can get offended on the internet then you are not ready for it, in any form but specially in games.

Does the red pencil mean the response was to what I said ?

I personally take no offense to what anyone says, or does to me, however I do like spreading awareness to “ bullying”. I’m not much on entertaining the word “offended” because it’s taken on a whole new meaning, at least in American culture. To me they are not synonymous.

There are those that don’t understand the sports mentality, or break them till you make them mentality. Educate rather than berate works a bit better.

I appreciate the comment though, even if it wasn’t to me, as it reminded me I hadn’t mentioned that.

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How can you be bullied in a game? If someone talk trash to you block him/her. If they attack you continuously it’s a blody war game with war in title, and besides they have nothing to win and you have nothing to lose unless we talk about atlas and we don"t want to go there. My point is, don’t hate the players hate the game, and stop considering you can get offended/bullied online in a game by people you don’t know and never will know, it’s just plain silly.