About atlas ( I don’t hv access to atlas tap in forum)

When r u going to release atlas to platinum lll ?

Well, last I checked, there was a few Diamond and Saph 1 teams missing Atlas. Even more yet in Saph 2. It’s not been released to Saph 3. So that leaves Plat 1 and 2 in the dust and Plat 3, I’d safely assume isn’t even on their radar atm.

I know they recently announced a whole 8 teams they were adding to Atlas, but also that the bugs haven’t been fully worked out yet in regards to the issues they’ve had since launching Atlas.

Me too, but soon again some 100 preferred players.
You get atlas.
There they are allowed to become stronger like us, they are allowed to build armor that they use in the normal game, they get extra parts and will roll over us, they are just better.
Get used to it in this game are not all the same.
And yes I know the post is inappropriate and will be deleted / hidden

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