About atlas prize lines

Hello so just a thought. We all have had a bit of time now to enjoy the “keys” in the main game seasonal lines. Well I would like to ask, would it be so bad to implement this in the atlas seasonal lines? Sometimes I need certain prizes rather than furthering a line to eventually get mythic armor. I think it would be nice to not feel so pressured to complete any page to get that sweet sweet armor. That’s my thoughts please tell me why I should just give up on my hopes and dreams. Thanks in advance.

I don’t really see an advantage of a key system for Atlas lines. The advantage in the main game is that you can choose which lines you want to complete to get to your mythic. But all the full-cost lines in atlas are completely identical (because nobody in their right mind would pick the elite gear), so it makes no difference which ones you complete anyway.

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We need some fix for Mytic branchs…
I have to many useless mytic defend gears ,i mean i am not need to upgrade them …
So if possible that we can consume them with shards that we pick will be perfect… Just like Elite branchs :pray:

Also uhh… if this season Branchs prices are get lil expencive ?? please dont do that, add new branchs better then raise branch coast please.
One last thing ! what the heck craft scrools in Atlas branchs ?? everywhere drop scrolls please add more shards many of us starving for … tyvm :slight_smile:

The advantage for for me is getting more shards lol

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