About equestor thunderbolt and extract essence

Thunderbolt is a white version of lightning with reduce damage . In equestor attack when we destroy lightning tower it gives chain lightning ( extract essence ) that tym thunderbolt lock. So need to cast it to unlock thunderbolt again. That provides some difficulties in place of red mages with some deadly defences . Can u take this into consideration and give any solutions plz .

Solution is don’t use chain lightning near lightning towers, or take the risk. I know some defenders put lvl 1 lightning towers mixed into their rage drain to give Equestor visitors a nice little headache to deal with. It’s part of the dragon that you’ll have to figure out how to deal with.


Or use Coatl instead, since he doesn’t have EE :grin:


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There was already a whole thread on this.

And here was the final offical response (posted as a screenshot of a conversation one player had with PG).


Try hitting a different tower

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When Eq got introduced, they mentioned the chaotic nature of the dragon reflecting in the spells set. If you want to hit a base with a strategic approach, don’t use a Sorcy…period. Spells like EE, SE or LE are somehow fun, if you can plan ahead. But they are really can cause some headaches, when a sorcerer with a minion dragon use them. If you hit a well build base, that’s defended, your Sorcy will die no matter what.



Even if the familiar kills the lightning tower, you still get the red… And you have no control over what your minion kills.

But yeah, PG has already said it is working as intended.


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