About green research


all good day. I’ve been following the Forum, but have not heard a response from administrators about the changes caused by a decrease in the cost of green research.
As their value fell, fell sharply the strength of defense bases. Most significantly it has affected players at high levels, defence bases have decreased by 70-80 million.
No explanation about this. So our friends who have conducted research on green very overpriced is not only lost, but also counters the effect of research.
Developers not provided no compensation for this and no comments.
It can be regarded as cheating developers players?
I think yes.
What do you think about it?


Could someone elaborate on this? This is the first I’ve heard of values being reduced other than the cost of eggs. I know pg had buffed a few things…


There was a bug that was fixed: as PG stated, the +4% boosts for cannons and archer towers were actually granting a 100% boost. That bugfix was rolled out at the same time as the cost reductions for Research.


no nothing has been fixed
the defence force has not grown
even the Sapphire study failed to rectify this


You did not take the time to read and comprehend JJvonFeiler’s post. Reread it.


There is no rush
Green research affect the same lightning, Trebuchet and all defensive towers
How to deal with this?


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