About harbinger dragons

What’s the maximum power of harbinger dragons ( both boost and unboost stage )?

I only had two days to run mine that’s lv 30. 10 more levels to go (about 400 mil xp).

Just check damage per seconds I have no gear at all on him yet and only one mythic and a legendary rune so ignore ap

I’m sure our cheaters will cheat themselves 5 expert mythic runes and all legendary gear in a heartbeat and the naive fanboys will go aaaawww :heart_eyes:


Only 2 days :see_no_evil: Please try and get some sunshine, sleep, and eat today Warlord :hugs:


and spend money for your Kids/Wife XD

Since I do not know your relationship with Warlord, just a reminder that we are no one to judge for how people choose to play the game as long as they are following the ToS>


And dragon in action


There’s also no harm in looking out for your peers

I still can’t get past Estril’s shots looking like watermelon candy :rofl:

Do you think you’ll be using it over Noctua in some cases?


The dragon outdid nocs stats but not spells when he was 19. 23 considering my maxed rider and good gear on noc.

Nocs spells still help him heaps Estril needs to outdo that with raw fire power and he has still 10 more levels to go expert is 40 not 30.

I also had some runs vs defended 350ish bases and he did better than noc.

Needs some more punch and noc can be benched.


We do have those runes, just no rune dust :joy:


Buy more runes in runic chests and dust them :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lv 33 now and new video

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You’re absolutely right, “you” don’t know but you feel it’s your need to presume.

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Nope. I feel it’s my need to make sure all is well since I cannot see your body language or hear the inflection of your voice. I didn’t mean harm by it, by any means.


A forum moderator politely was just trying to nip a potential something in the bud, if applicable. If it don’t apply, let it fly.


Max power level for Destar (with no research or boosts or rider buffs) is 252,979,055 (Have fun defending against that, even if the spells suck).

Max power for the others, (again, with no research, boosts, or buffs) is 208,710,623.

They have approximately 3 times an many hit points and 3x as much raw power as their Obsidian counterparts.

Hopefully, that gives some perspective.

And all of you, go outside and play. The weather was nice today. :stuck_out_tongue:

To clarify, power level is not really a number you will normally see directly. For Comparison, Rhyo’s max power level using this same measure is 129,871,499.

Thanks all for ur replies

Not when the runic chest is ridiculously charged at 8k rubies per 10 chests. Again, we do not want to go back there lol. Hahahaha.

That just means game is up for more tower levels and $$$.
And no word/ update on FF, DF and FT fix yet :see_no_evil:

you didn’t get the saracsm :rofl: