About healing of dodo guardian and lightning familiar

Do lighting familiar and dodo guardian spells heal ? I saw sometimes they heal.

Yes for Dodo

Level 1 | Dodo Guardian | Passive | Summons a tiny flying Dodo that attacks for you and never dies. Heals Kinnarus for 33% of damage taken, and increases Rage point generation by 20%.

Note that Lightning Familiar instead says absorbs 20%, though I have also seen slight upticks in health.

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Thanks and I saw some health was healed sometimes in equestor . A very small amount . How’s that ?

The two likely work in the same way, just different wording, though Equestor’s minion is going to be updated to the stats that it was originally intended to have, so the healing amount will decrease (originally 33% -> 20% for absorb/heal & 20% rage regen -> 50% rage regen).

Yes, Equestor has the blue health bar appearing for every LIGHTNING TOWER destroyed. Don’t ask me how much it exactly is, something around 1-3% tops.

I’ve searched the forums for this info, but I couldn’t find anything so far. My experience: it doesn’t matter how the lightning tower gets destroyed (by the familiar, Eqi’s basic attack or zapped by thunderbolt) the health boost is given anyway.

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