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Just out of curiosity, what would happen to the extra sieges we have after this event since it would probably be the last. Will there any be compensation or something?

Already been discussed, but yes they will swap for innerfire

I’m sorry, I did not know that. Where can I see the post? Thanks in advance

they will be swapped for energy packs

•Once King of the Hill ends next week, we will be converting leftover Siege Weapons into Energy Packs with the following ratios:
◦For every 2 Legendary Siege Weapons, players will receive 15 Energy Packs
◦For every 2 Epic Siege Weapons, players will receive 4 Energy Packs
◦For every 6 Common Siege Weapons, players will receive 1 Energy Pack

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Thank you so much

It’s energy packs, not IF

I’m too slow :joy::joy::joy:

My bad you’re right energy packs, after 1am brain not working

It should be inner fire though, because that’s the actual equivalent

Just curious, it states common, epic, and legendary. I have 4…basic, rare, epic, and legendary! I understand the basic is what PG considers “common” but what’s the compensation ratio for the rare?

Common = rare in siege weapon

Idk why they changed the name, but it used to say rare

It’s odd because mine still does. I suppose we’ll see what happens. Thanks.

I’d rather have energy packs. Energy packs let you play. If are less useful than energy. Easily.

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Hello, what about barricades? During the event I opened a gold chest and got a legendary barricade that has 29k. Will there be another event I could possibly use that? Or they should also compensate for it??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No comp for leftover barricades so use em up

use barricade to let your fort stay longer for more points because they won’t compensate any of that.

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