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This is my first post here so I will start with apologizing if I post in the wrong topic.

My post is related to this one: Reintroducing past dragons each season

I completly understand the situation but I want to ask you something:

  • What if I just started to play ?
  • What if I have level 50 ?
  • How can I get a full Pathox / Equestor / Somnus if I have level 50 ?

The game is not echilibrated for the little ones. Also I saw something:

  • I get RSS that I cannot use when I have unde lvl 35 and its not benefic for short term but is ok for long term.

Future seasons tend to have much better dragons. Therefore, if you’re f2p or e2p, plan well, and you’ll be able to get even mythics after next few seasons.


Seasons require preparation in order to get mythics free to play. Lower levels have it a bit harder I’ll be honest but even so it’s possible. To balance out shortcomings you may need to spend.

I’ve managed to get 2 mythics e2p and will have my third this season.

Honestly at your level I wouldn’t think about going for one. You could get far more by pushing yourself up tiers. Once your above 100 you have an easier chance at mythics.

And past dragons need to stay gone. The people who were there were told that it was limited time only and would not be coming back. If they were introduced again it would be such a huge slap in the face to those that worked at the time to get them and were promised it was limited time only


:scream: I’m jealous…

Very true. Being in the right team helps a lot too.

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It sounds weird but it gets easier after the first. At this point I play this game as a “e2p mythic hunter”. I just collect one every season or two now and it’s the part of the game I enjoy most. Not the fastest progression for me but it’s the price I pay


:sweat_smile: I planned to get only the mythics this season, but I can’t miss Sakura :heart_eyes:.
Hope I get enough sigils for both of them…

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Oh my! This is the 3rd thread about old divine dragons this week! :scream: what’s going on? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: seriously though please use the search button and browse through the numerous other threads about this topic


You can’t get somnus, equestor, or pathox unless you were playing during the season they were released. It’s the name of the game. You would be better off focusing on the current season’s divines or saving your resources for a future seasonal divine (legendary/mythic) that strikes your fancy.

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I don’t plan much, just open chests to clear discount and do relatively well throughout the season. Going for my 2nd mythic as e2p and looks like I’ll take more rubies to the next one

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Hello, thank you for joining in on the discussions of this online community. The question you are asking has been asked many times before. It is only natural to feel a sense of sadness and regret when you must finally retire a trusted dragon who has served you faithfully through many battles.

It is also natural to see other players flying amazing dragons and want to be able to obtain that dragon for yourself. However, divine dragons are meant to be collector’s items that are available only for a limited time. Allowing these dragons to be obtained outside of the season or limited time event that they were originally available for would belittle the effort and money that older players put into obtaining the dragons when they were first released. Effort and money that were expended with the understanding that this was the only chance they would have at obtaining these dragons.

Here are some quotes by PG employees in regards to this very issue.

Here are links to searches of previous threads on this topic. Past divine dragons, Rainbow Evolution Stones, and regular Evolution Stones.

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Don’t worry about those yet. Eventually you will need a lot, so just hoard them for the time being.

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