About other flags in one clan members

After winning per round the win flags r distributed to some members know , if we visit flags r there. How it distributed and what’s the maximum amount , explain plz .

Pretty sure it’s random.

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Thanks :wink:

It says that the flags are “retained” until the next time this event occurs. Several on my team have flags during the event but once it is closed the flags disappeared. This is the second time it has happened. People are working hard for them and then they are gone. :frowning:

Is a visual representation on your base really the reason why you are pushing yourself in the event? Nobody ever sees your flags except at the very end of your base, and 1% of the population even looks at it, and of those 1% only 1% of those actually care.

Obviously people work hard to earn the rewards. One of those rewards in this particular event is flags. If people earn them then they should have them. I always notice the flags when I attack a base. I have lots of respect for players that earn them. Shows they are dedicated players.

Maybe we should pin the heads of defeated players on spikes and place them in front of our bases :thinking:


I would love to mount the heads of the dragons my base shot down somewhere… :grin:

Actually it would be kinda fun if the game tracked statistics, see how many of each dragon your base killed over time.


I would love more statistics!
Ingame per player as well as an update to the statistics page on PG’s website would be awesome.

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The flags mean something to those that earned them and to others that have them. That’s the best thing about the event, that makes it stand out from the rest. That you actually have something to show for the work. Then they disappear and nothing is done about it. One claim from support said it was because those teams actually didn’t have enough flags to be stolen, so it corrected it by removing those flags. Which I call bullshit bc anyone that looses their flags, looses all of them. Not just flags from lower event ranking teams. And the ones that scored the most points have their flags removed as opposed to the players who contributed less.

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