About PG attitude

I don’t want to disturb all , but think u can understand.

Doesn’t spending just benefit spenders?

Considering how often Atlas breaks I am not in a rush to have it. Some of it’s features yes, the whole thing? No.

It’s not their attitude, it’s yours.

Atlas is very resource hungry and the more users are present, the more resources it eats up. They have said multiple times that they are working on rolling out at a larger scale, yet it would still be utterly pointless to go below Platinum.

Even platinum leagues can struggle with inactivity, and the situation is just worse from Gold and below. So why waste it on inactive and Sunday riders?

Atlas is a privilege, not a birthright.

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You know servers that are virtual (which the game servers almost certainly are) can be scaled to meet demand.

And I have no idea how many players are actually in this game–but I have played much larger games that did not have the performance issues WD does.

I am not sure what PG’s attitude is – I can guess based on what I see… but I don’t know what motivates the actions or apparent lack of them.


I agree that with certain aspects of Atlas it is pointless to go to low levels.

However, PG chose to make Atlas affect the rest of the game since an Atlas riders are effective outside of Atlas. That is both defenders and actual ones on our attack dragons. Huge boosts and seasonal riders pale in comparison.

Granted, Atlas in this game is an inherent design flaw. It is like PG is trying to make the game into something very different yet cannot figure out how to accomplish that means. We just pay the price for their poor vision.

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Why do you say that? You think game companies which hold million players on servers are dumb and bad? Its kinda sad to see such comment.

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Certain aspects of main game are on similar lines. So we tell players to quit?

LOL, I would not tell anyone to quit. however, it is clear lower level teams are nothing but fodder to the bulk of the teams in Atlas. That is obvious.

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There are lot of advantages just having atlas even without any land.


Yeah right . :raised_hands:

Do u hv atlas ?
So in ur point of view low lvl leagues and its players r not a part of war dragons ? All players whether they r what lvl or league , are the asssets of pg , if the introduce certain things into the game all should get benefit . That’s the real way of managing players .

As above said by some players , atlas gear and riders have effect on real field , so what’s the point of player who r not in atlas and working hard to strength his / her base and dragons ?

Inactive and low lvls how do u assume that ? All leagues should be treat as same and if any features enter into the game all leagues should experience it , that’s a good one .

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Yes, my main is in a Platinum team with Atlas access.
My mini happens to be in Platinum, too, but without Atlas.

But if anyone thinks that Atlas is like the hand of King Midas, they are mistaken: getting anything there that could be considered as a game changer takes a lot of time and effort, doesn’t happen overnight. The defensive rider is only a few levels up, and getting legendary gear is mere luck.

If it wasn’t for the mine with the XP boost, I wouldn’t even bother to check in.

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It is certainly not a free lunch.

I can see arguments for both sides. I think if everyone had Atlas, the likelihood of overwhelm would be great (for the players). It’s really a totally different game with far more complex mechanics.

However… it does offer benefits that carry over to the core game. So, in that sense, it is somewhat unfair. Even a level 5 rider with all rare and a piece or two of epic is going to be a noticeable benefit. And you can get a full set of gear (not good gear, but it’s free), just by playing Atlas a little bit…

So, I see it as opposing interests. It’s not about keeping people out as much as it is (I think) about not making players hate the game.

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yea, and to level up a rider or primarch most of the lower level teams will have to go sit in red and be fodder. Maybe get lucky and find someone in red they can handle or even luckier they can get backup to handle.

Yes, there are some advantages, my comment they are fodder is clear. Also, clear lower level teams with the current design really cannot participate in the aspect of owning land. I cannot think of any aspect in the main game they really cannot participate in.

Sorry, call it as I see it. Not the fanboy type to heap only praise regardless if it is due or not.

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But that should be PG’s problem, not mine. They should have made it so that it works for all War Dragons players. Both the programming of Atlas and its rollout have been terrible, which unfortunately is nothing new for anyone even vaguely familiar of PG.

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If their servers can’t handle a tiny game like wd,and I’m talking entire playerbase. They have more problems than I thought. Now if you say PG is too cheap to use actual servers or their code is terrible then I’d believe you.

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I get what you are saying but there are low level teams with land, whatever the means maybe. And as lev 84, if my alt can search for someone in lands other than red zones i think its possible for a lev 150 to find players to hit decently. Of course, when defense point comes everybody defends in atlas. Proper scouting can help in that.
From fodder point of view, its always top down in world map games. And that’s expected behaviour in my opinion.
I have nothing against anyone, but that’s how atlas it. I don’t hate the concept of atlas at all.
My standard statement for what atlas is would be " Medieval age colonial world setup in war dragons ".

They can put a lot of players inside Atlas. However, the issue is more or less the processing of a lot of actions that is taking place in Atlas. Most of the stuff inside Atlas updates in a few seconds to real time. You can even see primarchs traveling back and forth.

So more or less the net code is the issue.

There are games where they limit the amount of players going in to their game to prevent any lags from happening until they can improve it. Afterwards, they can simply remove the limit or extend it bit by bit until they see an issue before limiting it again.

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Again, calling it like it is. Has been said in these forums by many bigger and much more experienced than me. You are entitled to your opinion.