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Guys I need to upgrade my breeding castle to lvl12. It’s need 1.7 mil almost. Now my storage hut level is 59. I need upgrade my storage hut +21 levels to achieve that cost.
For every level up it’s need 42 days.
It’s only way or any other option available. Please share som tips

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You need level 280 to get breeding castle and incubator to level 12
Sounds to me like you just haven’t been upgrading your storage hut because mines at 84 and I’m 280

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Don’t let your storage fall behind like that again, is the only thing I can really offer.


Never wait to upgrade your main buildings (Den, Breeding Castle, Incubator, Builder Hut, and Storage). Do it immediately whenever possible, or plan it as soon as possible.

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Honestly you gotta start bridging the gap. The storage upgrade will serve you will later and you will need to keep it upgraded or you won’t be able to upgrade any other buildings either.

There aren’t really solutions outside of going forward and upgrading it. I am honestly amazed this is the first time it’s been a problem for you.

Don’t forget to stick on any build time reducing stuff you have to make it more manageable.

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also you can do it as the last upgrade of fort


Chance that due to huge discount, storage is neglected by a lot of players, especially around that level (about the first time player experiencing big level requirement).

Up to Obsidian, level is pretty compact, thus it’s rarely neglected (although there’s chance that it happens on Obsidian tier as well)


Is the jump THAT significant? Shouldn’t it be like 10% if it changes tiers? It’s been a while since I looked at the discounts and I can’t imagine something requiring 21 levels difference is an intended thing

The discounts are big, up to 90%. But those only go for regular towers, the breeding castle and incubator (and other home-island buildings) do still have their original cost. That’s not a big issue for progression since those buildings have very few levels, but it does mean you suddenly need the storage level you would have needed pre-discounts, just for those few buildings, while your regular towers easily fit in an outdated storage.


Ahh that makes sense. I forgot discounts didn’t apply to main buildings.

Thanks guys. I try upgrade my storage hut. It’s only way to meet the lvl 12 castle. Thanks for hel. It’s much appreciated.

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