About Team wars



If PG wants players to actively compete with other in daily wars, you’d better put some extra rewards not only the egg tokens.
Like gold chest x1 for winners.

PG is just trying to earn cash, not making game interesting.
In further, I wish I never see “fxxxing MegaCoin” stuff again.


I think there’s already enough incentive to do regular wars.


You do realize that wars are how you move up, or down, in leagues, right? And the leagues affect your event rewards significantly…as in the event rewards in bronze are crap, but they get a little better in silver, better in gold, etc etc.

So there is your incentives to war… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


Wait, you are level 200 and stating there is no incentive to war? What game are you playing?!


Ok, talked to Kag1 in game.

I’m hoping, when sub league rewards are instituted, they will create more of an incentive to war.

Until then, I get that there really isn’t much incentive to war other than to stay somewhere in the bottom of a league… sure wish PG would finish the league restructuring


I will add my additional opinion here.

I know the main purpose of the team war is going up in leagues.
But, What I tried to say is that the current system is not fair.

Think about the week events. There is rewards as team and rewards as individuals.
In case of team war, there are only team reward: rank points and extra egg tokens.
In most teams, there are some members put lots of effort to defend and help other team members while the others just ends the team war with only single attack.
Giving the same rewards for those all people is not fair.
At least war MVP should be honored and rewarded with extra stuffs.

I have no idea what kinds of rewards should be given exactly, but I think there must be some.
And this will encourage teams to have more competition inside and outside the team…


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