About the Forum Migration

Greetings All,

I’m posting here today on our new forums to provide a “what happened” in our forum migration process. The goal was to migrate the old forum data and hook up a modified, more visually clean version in a time frame of about two days. Discourse (our forum host) succeeded in the data migration well ahead of schedule, which left the only remaining task to be the second thing I just mentioned. Our contracted vendor in charge of this failed to deliver on their deadlines which led up to the delays that, regrettably, you’ve all had to experience.

As a result, we terminated our contract with them.

Because of this we had to deploy the new forum in-house, so thanks for bearing with us while we work on formatting, badges, and other features in the new forum. We’re still partnered with Discourse, so many of the out-of-the-box features won’t go away. We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback on the new forum so far, and I hope you’ll all join us in rebuilding a welcoming, helpful War Dragons community here together!


It’s great … I love it… thank you for all the hard work…


Thanks for getting the new forums with all the issues anyway X] I’ve been dying to finally get on for weeks and it’s here! Thanks for your hard work.

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Love the new forum and thanks for the update. If only the update was also a little more timely :wink:

Personally, I wouldnt object to forgetting about the old forum posts.

edit: If an issue is still an issue, people can just re post it. I’m sure I will get a lot of disagreement on that though :confused:


Still wondering why u outsourced this and didnt keep it in house … seems like task you guys should of been able to handle

Having another vendor work on this would give us more time to focus on other projects, but unfortunately, that did not turn out the way we’d anticipated. Anyways, it’s water under the bridge now.

Thank you so much for the new forums! I’m really happy with it!
Tell the PG crew to have a great day, they deserve it after giving us forums as good as these!


How do you delete a post. I accidentally posted a partial recruitment post and can’t figure out how to delete that darn thing.

Link me to it and I’ll delete for you. :slight_smile:

I like the new look, too soon to know about functionality yet.

Still is there a way to filter the forums? It’s a pain with Recruitment ‘stuff’ shoved in with ‘war’, can’t quite see why you guys thought those two topics were the same. Personally, I have no use for recruitment threads so would rather not have to wade my way through all of them.

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Are these ever going to be accessible by web? Right now from my perspective it feels like this was all some plot to remove them from being indexable by web crawlers.

They go down for maintenance and perhaps not so mysteriously come back hidden away in the settings. And are only accessible through the app.

I’m using the forum on web right now. 99% of the time I use the forum it’s on web.


Is it on a new url? I can’t seem to find it.

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Couldn’t you redirect from the old forum url to the new one, or have something pointing people to the new one?

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@Jessalan You know, after thinking about it, you’re right! I have been seeing a lot of recruitment threads lately, which could definitely drown out any war discussions. What do you think about folding Wars into “Events and Wars”? I’m interested to hear what you feel would be best and why.


I mentioned this in the beginning and I still think it would be great to separate those, and Events and Wars makes perfect sense to me!

separate them

Events and Wars does make more sense than putting Wars with Recruitment. Perhaps it’s own stand-alone thread? Unless of course, you don’t think that there are enough War related posts to warrant that.