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Can we have a new separate topic to discuss Atlas mechanics and suggestions of improvements as well. And have this 3 topics pinned for community’s clarity @PGJared @PGawal


@Arelyna @Crisis :point_up_2: ty

Just to double check, have the 3 topics (including Atlas) pinned to this category or the forums itself?

On top the boycott, other items covered in this sub-forum, and “Year of the Player” items, I’d hope that PG has a list of items. It’d probably make sense to start there than the keep rehashing the same items and spinning in circles. Otherwise, there are also other items around capturing more new players, motivating mid-tier players to keep pushing, team management, game stability (particularly Android), support, etc. among too many others.

Still, it’s better to focus items currently in scope to get them far enough along towards completion, but players’ confidence that the conversation gets as much attention as boycott items is shaky, so that’s why there’s a push to do “all the things” now, while there’s a perceived increased attention on what needs to be done.