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ArmyOfTheDead has only a few spots left for active members. We work together, grow together and win together. Come see for your self and you will find your forever home. :muscle:t4::fire::dragon::skull_and_crossbones:️AOTD


Hello,ForgedInEmbers are looking for active players to join to join our family,lvl 100+ preferred,we are trying to get to the next lvl,but just didn’t find the right pieces yet,but we are a eager strong family oriented group,who is looking for players with the same drive as us,if you are interested and believe you are that players,come be a part of our growing family​:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Our new team TidalWaves is looking for active recruitments that are level 45 or above. We would like to grow in size, and become feared.


We are a solid team looking to make the push to platinum looking for competitve players 70+. Looking forward to talking to you.


We are a solid Team looking for very competive members 70+ to help us push from Gold1 to platinum. We look forward to hearing from you.


iRAW are looking for some new members
We can offer a lot of important information to new players.
Wars, events and quests are mandatory.
Send me a message
IGN - IAmKirstie


RieganKnights Are looking for some new team members, we are a active team, with high participation rates in events, currently in Gold 11, but are in the process of progressing up the ranks