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Hi, everyone.
I am curious about the WD server quality in your countries.
I am now in South Korea and I think the server quality is considerably poor than in other countries.
It seems that server quality is different in different countries.
I had a chance of having 2-week trip to the US (22th Dec - 5th Jan), and I confirmed this is quite true.

After the opening of Atlas for my team, the WD induces a lot of problems such as lagging, app crashes, and shutting down. my game used to shut down every 20 mins.
But I never experienced such problems when I was in the US.
When I came back to Korea, these problem starts to occur again.

So I am wondering if anyone in the other countries, especially users in the countries with small number of WD users, are experiencing the same issue.
Please share your experience to support my idea, so that we can push PG to upgrade our server :slight_smile:

Plus, whenever I send a ticket to PG, they only give instructions of close running apps, clear the RAM, restart of reinstall the WD. (I always do these things before I start WD!! stop giving me such instructions!!!)
If PG uses the same quality of the servers worldwide, please let me know the test bench result of its quality.

Yup, playing from South Africa I can tell you the experience is vastly different than folks with “good latency”

Its literally almost impossible to do certain actions (like blink supershots), which is pretty much routine for folks with better “latency”

I’m in the US and if there are defenders spamming hammers one battle can take over 15 minutes as I frame-by-frame my way through the base with a ten second countdown timer popping up after each frame (by frame I mean sometimes I can’t even tell my dragon moved at all). Unless I quit or they quit the battle. That’s just one of the issues I have.

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They use the same servers for everyone that are hosted by google and aws. As Gox stated, the latency of the network connections to some places would be the real issue and is not something that PG may be able to address directly. They dont control the quality of all ISPs and their routing across the world.

Physical distance alone will deteriorate network quality, so there’s not much that can be done without distributing the network. Considering that some major desktop games don’t even bother to do so and just split by region, it’d be interesting if PG figured out a way to make that happen.

Just my experience but I used to blame my inability to defend on the servers at PG and that may be part of it but since I bought the “old” Google Pixel I have no problems defending or the frame by frame chattering that I think was a thermal issue on my Galaxy

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