About Wars - For Your First War

This Is for people who don’t understand wars!
First, you have to declare a war! But you cannot do that if an island has risen out of ground during a PVP event. Team officers can declare wars. Once you have declared war against a team of your choice (you more often win if you go against a weaker team then yours) you can click on the button above the attack button with the skull on it, to access / see when wars start / end. Once a war begins, you can only choose one player to attack. You can see your options by scrolling down the list. You get up to 7 flames depending on how well you did the attack. If you don’t get 7 flames the first time, you can always click on their name again and try again up to 6 times, so plan carefully and invtie your team if you need to! You can see which team is winning if you look up at the part which says (YOUR TEAM) vs (OTHER TEAM) then it has a number of flames underneath, whoever has the most wins. In case of a tie, the winner will be the team that launched the fewest attacks. This image shows how you will achieve all 7 of the flames. To get all 7 you must get 100% with 1 dragon.

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I think the wording is a bit vague to be as helpful. A more in-depth guide would be great, I’m sure.

For example, you might want to mention that yes, you can try again, but only 6 more times. So plan wisely, and ask for backup if you need it.

Yeah. That’s why I put , for your first war :slight_smile:

What: New War Mechanics
When: Since 5.02 Release

What’s new?

  • 7 Flame Points has been implemented to the War System instead of 5 flame points (250 > 350)
  • Defense Points has been replaced with amount of attacks (up to 7 per player)
  • Weekly Buffs
  • Tie-breaker (in case of 350 vs 350 flame points) is based on amount of attacks made (fewer = better)

How to Achieve the extra Flame Points?
You need to get 5 flame points first and then the system checks your progress as the lead attacker

  • Lead attacker requires to destroy 70% of the base before dying / swapping to get +2 Flame Points (7 Flames)
  • Lead attacker requires to destroy 30% of the base before dying / swapping to get +1 Flame Point (6 Flames)

What happens if both team decides to not attack despite an on-going war?

  • I don’t know yet if there was any changes to this. Previously, it was lower team rating gets the win as far as I know.

What does this mean?

  • I don’t know for the others, but this might be easier than before since you don’t have to spam hammers. Just prevent the lead attacker from achieving 70% and you are pretty much good (30% if you want them to really fail). If you really want to, then prevent them from actually winning (kill lead and assist once and it’s pretty much a failed run)

Don’t know if this is really helpful or anything since it’s pretty much a little description of the new changes (I might have missed a lot of new stuff so just fill it up)

Thank you!

Is the locking target still applies during war?
Eg. First attempt was 4 flames only and can I try a different target on the 2nd attempt ?

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You can only attack one player from a team, but if you don’t get all 7 flames the first time you can try again for up to 6 times

Not necessarily correct.

Edit: wrong word

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