About wave 1 and wave 2 harbinger dragons

I’m very far from harbinger tier but I’m eager to know the feedbacks on them .
The players who own harbingers , which is good wave 1 or 2 and which dragons u like and which dragons seem to be strong and fun to play ?
Share ur feedbacks here plz .

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i doubt many ppl have even been able to get the 2nd wave of harbinger dragons yet…maybe a few

you are underestimating players. I know atleast 20 of them, and i have not even asked anyone. There are a lot more players who got new Harbringer dragons than you think.


A lot of people have the new Harbingers.

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oh rly i didnt know that…thx for telling me…

Many people were sitting on 500k-1 mil eggs waiting for the second wave bc they had nothing to breed for 3-4 months.


wow srsly…they have ssssooo much patience :open_mouth:

Nothing to breed, what can they do :rofl:
Now i am more scared that they will release new tier next season already

Oh bad did wave 1 release before 3 months ? Just seemed to be released nearly , Time is moving so fast :man_facepalming:

Tbh i think 2nd wave harbinger drags are uglier than 1st one. I mean looking at the detail we can see the diff between the two. Maybe PG wanna give warrior a decent and better look than hunter and sorcerer.

not so much patience as too much money and not knowing what to do with it $$$$

Some big spenders in this game like to get the new dragons as soon as they come out

Sure they spend to be on top game, but after 3 or 4 events without spending eggs even me as a just elite buyer would gather 500k.

Though many may have them I’m not sure if they used or experted enough to give a solid feedback so soon

I got lokan, but I’ve not been able to do much with him yet :man_shrugging: ferga was amazing, so I have my hopes that he adapts well to the new meta

Opes is a great XP dragon. Lokan is a remix on Ferga. Keth is a typical steal essence hunter. However, the adaptive resist is a nice addition to both. Raijin is still 1200 fragments away. :expressionless:

I’m excited to get more info on Rajin vs Keth vs Destar before committing to a obsidian-harb path.

Can you let us know your thoughts once you get them all to reasonable levels?

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Sure. I can tell you that Keth and Opes could clear my invader at level 1. That being said, just make sure when you breed, you use the manual selection tools and get your extra obsidian research and building eggs. Pair Destar and Estrial for Lokan; and pair Shezard and Destar for Opes to avoid the extra emerald eggs.

Keth is really an amazing dragon. It’s highly technical. But then I liked Estril too.

I find Keth to be a hunter version of destar, except it also leeches rage. (Soul Devour gains rage and health for each tower destroyed, costs 2 rage, once it’s on its hard to stop)

Keth has adaptive resist which is under estimated. (Most of the guys who fly my base with estril never even bother to toggle it, or maybe they forget). And adaptive resist also throws half a rage for each toggle, so you can bolster your rage needs between islands.

Leech essence is basically steal essence, another highly technical skill that few can use well without planning ahead.

Cloak is the same as always (actual cloak means you can heal with it in a sticky situation)

It does level up slowly, just like destar

I don’t have Rajin yet, but I had a level 4 that did a lot more on my first island than I’d like it to, which compares to keth didn’t quite do as well in my hands. (Mostly absorb magic). I’m a little nervous about this dragon as it has seeker and flux combo the same as Shezard, but it might work out if you can suck up some rage with absorb magic. (You can easily ignore mages on purpose to get them to Recharge your rage)

I do expect keth at max and Rajin at max will both eclipse destar easily. (Just my prediction)

Opes is jul with absorb magic and nova. (Fire flak resist too, but I don’t know if that resists the reduced damage or not, and if not, i don’t expect it to do much better than Shezard)

Lokan is Ferga on steroids. Adaptive resist is big. And as always much more forgiving to fly with good healing mark runes. (AR used to generate rage for GO isn’t terrible either). Great cleanup dragon.

I’m racing Keth to max, my teammate is racing Rajin to max. We shall see who wishes they had chosen the other. (Rajin will Be next breeding for me)

I think these dragons are some great dragons. FYI my experience with destar is that you really need to gear him up to get the HP needed for the bigger bases…


So is Destar actually good, or is/was Destar good primarily because he was the first mythic Harbinger and didn’t have harbinger level towers to contend with? A bit confused about Destar (not having him) given the usual community feeling about warriors.

In another tier or two will Destar simply be a breeder?

Yes Destar is good. And yes in another Tier he will just be another breeder if you can get high enough of a level to even breed the next tier… isn’t that always the way?

I’d argue most tiers have what are considered useful dragons even if there are higher tiers of dragons and towers. Some examples being:

All tiers unfortunately have a lot of expensive pigs all the more useless when you’re not on the current tier.

edit: So an example that comes to mind for me is gloomclaw. I don’t know if gloomclaw was ever considered good, but I only ever used gloomclaw to get to breeding level and then permanently benched it.