About which dragon egg?

After complete the all parts of eggs that’s ready to catch . If we hv 2 green eggs, only choose ( my opinion ) which egg is for which dragon by seeing the style of egg and the egg below that particular dragon. For a case if breeding castle is upgrading then that’s also impossible. Is any way to find which egg is for which dragon ?

If breeding castle is upgrading, you can still enter it via Research, click on a research you don’t have eggs for then click the eggs. Then you need to look at the pattern on the egg to work out which one you want to hatch.

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Except some are the same. Hugin and Munin are an example.

I don’t see why they can’t just add the name of the dragon in the incubator. It’s such a simple little thing.


The description is there if you click on the ?

Not available on android. not sure about iOS


? Icon does nothing on my game.


Because I forget where I saw it, but one of the PG employees said they want it to be a “surprise” over which dragon gets hatched. Which is all well and good if incubation times only take a few days :neutral_face:

Yeah when the dragon takes 2 months to hatch I don’t think anyone wants to be “surprised” :joy::joy: Wth? Did they really say that?

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Yeah. I wish I knew where it was. I was shocked by that response. Having to check, double check, then tripple check that you’ve got the right egg is very annoying. At least it’s easier if you have an alt account so you don’t have to keep swapping back and forth lmao.

Edit: That is assuming that your alt account is on a seperate device.


Found it :laughing:


The good news is… It’s a boy!

The bad news…

Um… Well… We started the wrong egg. We meant to give you Hauheset, but out popped this cute little thing. We’re calling him Gorgonus.

We’ll bill your insurance.

Also, he’s vegan, just FYI.



One good thing about the sapphire and above walls is there’s no chance to be in doubt about what the darn egg is… :joy:
(/s dark humour…)


I think that every egg is different. There are similarities between a lot of eggs and the same templates are used over and over but the colours are different.

Hugin and Danzig I think .

Yup, You’re right.

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Yes, that’s it. It’s been a long time.

my oven sits empty most of the time now.

Icicle soon to utilize it for a month though. LOL

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