Abraxxas needs more health

Abraxxas needs to have his health increased. I currently have zamrok and abraxxas at level 40. Abraxxas has 400,000 fewer hit points does 32,000 less damage. This results in around 25 million attack power for zamrok and 20.9 million attack power for abraxxas. I realize every dragon is different however their shouldn’t be this much disparity compared to every other event dragon, bonus tier or otherwise. I was so disappointed with abraxxas that I didn’t even consider getting necryx because I figured he would suffer the same problems even though his abilities seemed really good. I have flown abraxxas countless times trying numerous strategies. I have an alt (mini) account with a GOLD tier kinnarus that consistently kills bases abraxxas can’t even hope to complete. No gold tier dragon should be able to destroy bases more successfully than a garnet tier dragon. For reference, gold kinnarus is 5.1m attack power boosted versus 35.4m attack power on a level 40 abraxxas. How can a dragon with seven times the attack power be so pathetically weak? I’ve held this grudge against PG ever since and I don’t spend money anymore other than renewing my elite access. Now that I only have one dragon at most to train i probably won’t be renewing elite access either. Please fix this PG it’s not going to break the game. It will give everyone who took abraxxas a reason to give him another try. Warriors are almost useless above level 200 with defenders but abraxxas could be the exception because of his potential to deal insane damage but his lack of health makes this impossible.

Abraxxas will forever go down in infamy as the bane of discount drags. Sorry you missed out on necryx though, that really sucks.


I got abraxxas on my main account.


Well, except for Jura…

I will revise…



At least the lightning glyphs for base defense on his line were nice :laughing: I got him to plat stone then claimed that mystic lightning glyph. But yeah… really hate trying to fly that dragon. Thankfully, he’s no longer relevant :tada:

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Thanks for the replies!

The numbers on the dragons are somewhat arbitrary depending on the base, and the dragon.

Yes, Abraxxas sucked. I loved flying him and equipping evasion and then malefic breath as I fly qucikly over the long middle island and things die later, but he was not practical.

Then looking at other dragons, like Avyx. I have him at level 5 right now (111k attack) and I just tested what I could do on a level 114 XP base with a 2.3M defense and was able to clear 53% of that base with just avyx. Yes, there are no mages through most of the base, but still, he managed to clear a base 20x his level and get half of it. This seems crazy impossible, but it can happen if you know how to fly a hunter and use the spell set properly.

I had sage fae and abraxxas to green (retired now) and sage could usually take bases that were 1-1.5x his attack strength, fae was like 0.75-1x her attack, and abraxxas was like 0.33-0.5x his attack. All dragons same attack strength. But a base with no blue mages and Fae could clear a base 2x her attack. Good luck finding a real base with no blue mages.

I think this is a bad argument. Abraxxas is unbalanced and should be fixed. I doubt he will be fixed because they have amped him up twice without coming anywhere near the effectiveness of the other divines of the same season.

Dragon health and skills are not equal at the same level or tier. This is intentional. There is typically a pattern of a new tier released roughly every other season. Between new tiers they generally make the same tier stronger at the same tier. When new tiers are released the dragon stats increase in a non-linear way at which the largest increases happen near its max level. (Usually resulting in the dragon being slightly weaker at the same tier except in the last 2-3 tiers)

Also, to date, attack ratings have been identical within the same season (non mythic). They aren’t perfect, but taking health attack and spells into consideration, we either aren’t using him effectively or his spells are overrated…

So you see you can’t really compare dragons from different seasons to make an argument for more health.

Also, having a background in working in support, you often get farther by stating a problem rather than asking for a specific solution. Of corse I am pretty sure Abraxxas is a lost cause after this much time.

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The problem with abraxxas is that his health dwindles away while waiting for the chance to cast fire shield again. My solution is based on equipping rejuvenate to abraxxas. Even though rejuvenate provides a very small amount of health, this results in a tipping point where his fire Shield doesn’t cause him to die while it’s active, waiting to cast again. Thank your for the input!

The problem is with heat shield IMO. All other warriors have either damage blocking or health regen. He has some of both, but it’s less useful.

Straight health would probably make him over powered since it would have no way to counter it.

Still, I recommend the approach of reporting him as being under powered with reasons x y and z. And then make a suggestion. It usually gets better results in my experience. Imagine if someone at your job told you how to do your job rather than talked about what frustrates them/identifies a problem.

Just friendly advice…

Just to clarify, Are u saying that a gold tier dragon from a different season should be better than a garnet dragon? I’m sorry I included the info about my personal spending it is irrelevant, just venting frustrations.

In my experience with abraxxas and attacking countless times. I mentally subtract a third of his attack power when compared to the displayed attack power of the base I’m trying to attack. Even so his win rate with this strategy is 80% at best. I didn’t realize I was telling someone how to do their job…

Abrraxxas is a glass cannon that misfires. They are not going to fix him. They had their opportunity back when they fixed the other two.

I hate to say it, but give up hope now or risk further disappointment.

What level is your Abraxxas out of curiosity?

I agree. And I’m sure virtually everyone will also agree. Abraxxas is known to be one of the worst divines. Arguably still worth his cost at half-off, but with necryx and drakius being more on par, there is a strong argument that he should be fixed. (Or owners compensated)

Please understand that I’m in no way trying to be offensive or upsetting. I am only trying to maximize your chances of getting results. You aren’t in the wrong here.

Most of the folks who are likely to take action here fix problems. Your wording was more in line with telling them how to fix a problem. That doesn’t make you wrong, but you likely will have more success reporting a problem clearly with evidence than wanting a specific change.

When I worked in end user support people would constantly demand (sometimes just a perceived demand) specific things. Not only were people not aware of the larger picture, but often their solution would not even make them happy. (These requests were routinely ignored or depriotized)

When we got requests to fix a problem rather than implement a solution, we often got excited about the challenge of fixing a problem while keeping other balances and keeping larger initiatives in mind. (Along with a thousand factors im not going to bother listing)

Again, I’m sorry if you took my suggestion unkindly. I wish you good luck in fixing Abraxxas.

May I also suggest you view the forum responsibility list/post (pinned) and tag an approiate PG employee tonget their attention.

You read that wall of text?

Thanks for hearing me out. My abraxxas is Level 40, I have accumulated over 60 million medals in this game and I have played it for a couple years. This is, hands down, my favorite game of all time. I wasn’t upset with you but I care a lot about this as I have just broken into garnet and was expecting much more. Abraxxas looks really cool and is a fun dragon to fly as long as u are hitting weak bases. I don’t think it should be this way. Thanks again!

I had to else I would’ve missed the missed out on necryx bit haha

No problem.

I never leveled my Abraxxas beyond like level 20. I think you are doing what you should, which is compensate for his flawed attack power. Of corse at higher levels flying skill and base build out can start to make attack numbers and defense numbers much less meaningful.

Yes it is my favorite mobile game, and Atlas has the potential of providing aspects I wish the main game had.

Being that Abraxxas was 3 seasons ago (I think it was 3?) I suspect the ship has sailed for fixing the dragon.

I do think there is a very meaningful conversation to be had with PG about how his attack power is very wrong, and should be corrected so that future dragons are not also misrepresented as being more powerful than they are. (All future dragons who have a similar issue… cough, cough, heat-shield+superheated breath… will wrongly show higher attack rating than they should.)

The lesson to be learned here is please don’t focus on divines too much. Regular lineage dragons are equal to or better than divines most of the time. Forget about buffing an outdated divine dragon as it’s not going to happen.

I think this may vary depending on where your situation is compared to the most recently released tier. I started to see sapphire and up was good and sometimes better than divines. But I also think when blue tier was new those were powerful at the time.

I’m very happy with MOST obsidian dragons, but some are still terrible. And the egg tokens cost may be appropriate for someone moving from emerald to obsidian, but is out of control when you start from scratch.

Abraxxas has Fire shield, not Heat shield, those two have different healing and reduced damage%