Abuse in the game

I’m really at a loss, how do you deal with abuse and farming from a team that farm your low levels everyday? We have reported the abuse which is mostly about child peodophilia, the player xxpointblankxx from the team firechaosreign
We have asked the team to stop but they won’t, we are working with support but I’d love to hear what others do in situations like this?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: hmmm. Someone has issues.

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It’s really quite dark, just don’t know what to do :frowning:

Don’t post this stuff here, go straight to PG.

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Okay am doing that was hoping to get advice too

Their Team name?

Too low for token missions, tsk. You can farm back, or have him farmed, but the best way to go about it is usually ignoring it till the troll gets bored.

It’s firechaosreign

Oh yeah I can’t read :joy::joy::joy:

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Thank you, it’s been a quite a long time now and we have reported with PG, I know my leader is speaking with support but he farms all our low 20 levels and it ruins the game for them especially when they are trying to upgrade in fortification :frowning:

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Hehehe I always do that :slight_smile::slight_smile:_emphasized text_

You see the circle with the line crossing out the person icon in the bottom left of the mail? Have them block and report that person so they don’t have to deal with that garbage. Creating a ticket would also help with the exact screen shots you’ve posted here.
Tagging @Arelyna in case she can do something from her end.

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Thank you so much Lutrus, yes we have tried that, hoping support will do something as it’s been going on for weeks now :frowning:

Tbh he can’t do much to your low levels because he’s in the 70s. He won’t steal much rss. But yes it’s annoying. I’ve run him a few times because I don’t like his behaviour and his words. If he keeps bugging you let me know. There are always idiots around!


Really appreciate your support and advice :grinning: I will do and will keep our team morale up. Thank you, being a relatively new team its really great to get guidance from you.

I think you hit a nerve :joy: he’s changed his name to match mine with a lovely message, block button is my new friend :slight_smile:

Please dont take it personal, but we read a lot of topics like that. The point which is same in all off these topics are, that we only can read the part of the other team.
How should we know, that you also didnt attack their low level players. Or also wrote him messages like that? We dont have the access to look all your private message and have our own opinion.

So the best thing you can do when you see mobbing, abuse, etc. is to just block him, and wrote PG. they can help you.


Understand and you’re completely right, we did start hitting back today after putting up with it for two weeks. PG seem slow with dealing with it so far which is why I wanted your advice. I try to keep my replies quite short when I have replied but yes I’ve learnt my lesson and block is better

I remember this guy, back in October. He did exactly the same in the league chat, he was reported for his behaviour numerous times. In the end everyone blocked him and lost track of him.

Farming defenceless low levels, insulting others and being utterly obscene just for fun.

edit: I never had any confrontation with him, just watched silently.

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Yes we aren’t even in his league. How long did it last before he got bored?