Abusing of 5ta change

Hey all. There is lately a lot of 5ta changing hourly happen. Personal i think changing 5ta should get much longer cooldowns, as its now can do that every 20min. It should be at lowest every 24h possible to change 5tas.


Lol, cute.


Dont think 5tas where meaned to be changed non stop by PG.

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I can hear shell teams laughing out so loud


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Love that there are so many exploits to the mechanics. All these Atlas “shell” teams. They have been around for a while, but now with the merging, disbanding and so forth, there are quite a few teams in low plats 3/4 and golds owning these junk access castles. Until teams start taking these out , regardless of the crappy glory, then this will continue to be an exploit.
Now I will say this, I am not against or for any of these things, But they are operating within the confines of the given mechanics.


Imo changing passages or change 5tas should get a much higher cooldown.


Right its happening several times per hour lol.

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It’s not the glory it’s the castles themselves lol
That’s how they ended up with them :rofl:
Yep they aren’t worth holding lol


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I am pretty sure that mechanic is intended. Also: callouts are forbidden around here. So think twice before posting. Please for ur own good lmao

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I’d argue that we’re all bored of a broken system so we’re finding creative solutions and work-arounds to make the game more interesting. Until PG can fix atlas in some better way or until they can find a way to break Megas, then this is what we’re left with.

There is not any Atlas battle where 1 5ta fights another. Hell even 3 teams will summon 40 teams helping. Maybee get rid of passages as a whole :thinking:

Atlas needs a change, this is common on every battle now. Castles only get traded and sold which is wrong.


Can of worms then, if you think about it. You’d have to limit to diamonds hitting diamonds, etc. or it would be systemically favored to most active teams to do whatever they want to smaller more casual teams. The ‘stay in 5ta’ honor system isn’t abided by anyone, it’s an absurd desire of the top few teams and would only benefit them, and to go there you’d have to add other limits to be remotely fair to the vast majority of players.

It’s not like attackers aren’t calling in all their friends, too, now is it? How is that being limited if you limit who can defend if they choose?


Removing Free Passage would solve most of this and make teams have to fight TA vs TA (except access castles) @PGGalileo

Atlas has many issues and passages without a cooldown is one of the biggest.

Im quit sure that only 3 teams where hitting a 5ta, to that point 35 teams arrived for defense. So yes that 3ta added passages as well lol.

It’s almost like this map needs positioning and position based attacking to ensure reasonably balanced engagement between teams of relative strength……
But ……that’s just crazy :rofl:

Game wont ever be fair for everyone, but we all agree that Atlas needs changes.


It’s not viable long term :man_shrugging:
So absolutely needs change👍
Like yesterday……. Lol

I’m merely suggesting we beta test a positional map that pg has already created during our original beta and if it works we toss atlas into the dumpster and watch it :fire: lol

And the initial beta will need to be live to all players from day one because we should test as a community because if the map that were testing can’t handle the current player base this game will not have room to grow!
Yep in the future the map needs to support the entire player base and have room for growth without expansion!

It possible use us for a beta test. We test and troops return back after we tested it. Its a win win for PG as they dont need the ressources to test internal lol.