Abyssal-Restricted Krelos for Invader Bases (Resettable)

First and foremost, I am in no way advocating for the return of Krelos. (If anything, my position is that he should be fully eliminated from the game, including from the rosters of those who currently own him.)

I’m sure we can come to a consensus that Krelos was the most apocalyptic, game-changing dragon made and released to date due to how speedy he is. However, owing to that speed, I believe there is also room for the consensus that he’s a very handy, beneficial dragon to those who have him in their rosters.

My proposal is simple:

We all know how mundane invader bases can be when we’re faced with so many things to farm from them. Currently, invader bases cap out at tower level 95, which becomes available at player level 460 (player level 465 in Atlas); by this time, a player who is caught up should have bred most of Abyssal tier, and preparing to roll into Eldritch at level 471. Therefore, I believe it would be best to restrict Krelos at the Abyssal stone, for the sole purpose of alleviating the drudgery that invader bases present us with. Current owners of Krelos could keep theirs at Eldritch status, although I really think it would be better for the game in general if theirs were pulled down to Abyssal tier as well.

This is where things divert from the status quo; my proposal comes with a catch, the catch being that Krelos can be reset to Orange tier. However, the reset would come at a cost of 2000 rubies, and all XP to level again would be provided upon resetting based on where Krelos was prior to resetting, with the only penalty being the food that is required to level him back up; this is a reasonable cost, given the sacrifice. I also believe that it would probably be best if from here on, Krelos could only be used for invader bases and mini-events (i.e., Assault and Dungeons), or against anything that isn’t a player-owned base.

The only other alternative, which I still see fit, is to remove him from the game entirely, but at least with this system, he’s made useful in a way that isn’t prone to exploits or abuse, as with the status quo.


The easier way to say this would just be PvE bases. I am 100% against anything that would remove him from being able to hit Gauntlet pve bases or castle guards without a marshal.

Overall though I dont think this suggestion works. A better idea I think would be to restrict him to PvE bases (not sure how possible that actually is) and bring Krelos back as either a special holiday dragon like Noelle (but also giving stones) or make him like Ochre or Ember, a special lineage dragon that can evolve and then make his stones available somehow that everyone could get, even newer players.
Edit: Maybe have a 1 time purchase of a Krelos stones pack for $5 that is in the shop. If you already have all of Krelos’ stones then the pack wouldn’t be available. That way he basically works like Ember did but for MUCH cheaper


I’ve actually been trying to figure out a way to bring this up without people just posting all the normal things when anyone brings up krelos. I also agree with you that the only far thing for the game, without changing code, would be removing him from the game completely. Although I will admit that I would hate it solely for the reason that it really saves time on pve bases. One can argue that as far as invader bases there is a raid feature but between the diamond cost and the lack of monument drops it’s just not as beneficial.
What I would love to see, if it’s possible, is for them to give everyone krelos but code it so it can’t be used on player bases at all. If it was only able to be used on pve bases and everyone had one then it would actually be fair. Other then that, it will never be fair to the players without krelos because it will always be useful for those who do have it.
Considering it’s newer players that krelos hurts the most I can’t think doing nothing is good for the future of the game.


Totally agree that limiting to pve and giving to everyone is the best possible solution. It doesn’t upset people who have krelos already but also stops hurting players without.

@PGCarlos could you please see how feesible it would be to code krelos so he can only be used on pve bases?
Thanks in advance kind sir


Personally I disagree with this totally, I think krelos should be able to speed through an enfeebled base quickly every 10 minutes, like it’s a small window that someone can have when they are being sniped constantly by someone or several players who are quicker or has a massive account they can’t touch.

As a lot of people think krelos broke atlas, I believe the opposite he made it better, he made castles conquerable quicker, made counter snipe like I said above quicker.

I can see the benefit of krelos not being powerful enough to hit a base not enfeebled, but I definitely think he should be able to mow through enfeebled bases, with the 30 second delay and no reward via resources to the targets being attacked krelos and enfeeble is needed to race around and try and defend your castles.

I would say though they should make krelos accessible for all and maybe have him maxed at like two tiers below the players tier, so basically meaning the player will never have a krelos that can destroy a player at thier level


They can achieve all of this with a dragon that is not Krelos. There also wouldn’t be this problem between players if everyone had something done to their Kreloses.

He certainly did not; he put it on its deathbed. Atlas and virtually every other aspect of the game that is not an invader base or a PvE base, was better off without him.

That’s the problem. He shifted the meta so drastically that all previous play-styles were put to shame and made only one play-style viable: speed. He also eliminated all means of competition and equity in player-vs-player environments. He’s a clear problem, and for the good of the game, the ultimate decision should be either that he gets worked on to become something better and more balanced, or he goes away entirely. And I’m sure that many players, yourself included, would not want the latter to become the case, so he needs change.



Stop taking it so seriously. If PG, or the players, actually cared, they’d stop spending.

The End.

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It doesn’t upset people who have krelos already: not true.

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No matter what you do someone is always going to be upset. At least this idea doesn’t just take him away, it evens the playing field and it removed a major problem that Krelos has created in atlas pvp.
To me Krelos’ role should be as a pve workhorse that makes grinding easier. Krelos had his time as top gangsta and it was a hell of a time but he also caused a lot of problems. We dont want him gotten rid of but maybe it’s time he decides to move out to the country and rise some chickens or something.


They (PG) never took it seriously and now look where it’s at even with this Krelos problem. Letting things get too out of control and causing nasty bugs and lag to pop up mainly in Atlas and the whole nonsense that revolves around it. At the end of the day all they care about is money it seems.

We take a stand because we care.

If you read and consider my whole point then I feel it’s very true. As I said there are only two ways to make it fair, give krelos to everyone (but limit to pve bases) OR completely remove him from the game. Now when you consider that I feel the later would definitely be way more upsetting for players who have krelos now, wouldn’t you agree?
If anyone has a third option that is actually fair to ALL players then I’m all ears, but continuing to ignore this issue definitely isn’t making it go away and it will continue to negatively affect the game until something is actually done about it.


Just let Krelos die.

There have been many game changing divines, but they all become pretty much obsolete in less than a year.

Krelos only saves a few seconds on an invader base if you quit at 74%.

Do the druggery of invader bases on auto.

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I would rather take 120 diamond cost to be removed along with Krelos entirely and completely.

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Problem is krelos won’t ever just die unless something is done about it.

While there may have been other game changing legendary divines before, as you said, none of them remained this useful for so long. The only other dragons players have actually used for years are ember and haus, and I actually don’t have either in my roster anymore but would use krelos until the game ends.

As far as your last two points, krelos is useful for plenty of things other then invader base. That’s actually probably the least detrimental thing for players without krelos thanks to auto battle and raid.
As I said before, it’s the lower level/ newer players that are hurt the most by not having krelos, and I would argue that it’s actually them that need him the most. Newer players that actually get into the game do a lot of grinding on pve bases because they can handle them at their level and it helps them progress faster.

Long story short
Krelos won’t ever just die or fade away completely, he will always be useful even if speed meta is somehow corrected.

Only fair options for everyone
Remove him from the game
Give to everyone (with nerf to use if possible)
I definitely vote for option 2

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I’d rather not use Krelos when I view something as weak versus the useful the useful stay but that doesn’t mean Krelos is unbelievable strong. Haven’t touched her in ages.

How long do you predict it will be until that happens? Because it’s been nine seasons already since his introduction into the game, and I still see no signs of death. As an Eldritch-tier dragon, people are still managing to use him in the same abusive ways as they were during his season and a couple of seasons later; as long as he remains untouched, he won’t die, and he won’t stop being a problem.

The same point I made previously applies here.

Krelos won’t die because it’s not his power that’s beneficial; it’s his speed. And this speed has had too much of an impact on the game.



The riad button replaced Krelos the minute it came out, i dont remember the last time i used him on an invader base lol

If you really need invader runs tho, just turn on auto pilot and look away from the game for 2 mins, will definitely help your mental health :yum:


I thought the Krelos chapter was already closed :see_no_evil:, I will tell my platinum krelos to follow the story again on the forum, he might grow bigger someyday with the hassle coming back everytime on the forum. .

Oh and i don’t mind not having a decent tier krelos, i got other dragons who i enjoy flying the events and my invaders.

I’m just curious; why do you need a summary for everything you read on the forums? I’m genuinely curious; not trying to start anything. You can’t rely on everyone else to do things that are in your hands to do. Because not everyone else will always be there to hand you something on a silver platter.

And I’m sorry if this comes off as insolent; that’s genuinely not my intention, and I know that it can be mistaken as such, in which case I won’t argue because firstly, it’s not the truth, and secondly, it’s not professional. (As a matter of fact, I may not respond to anything else that doesn’t correlate to the topic of the thread. Also, if anything, I’m not being rude; I’m just jaded.)

It’s not even more than a 2-minute read. Surely, you can get through two minutes without getting sidetracked.

It’s just that this is the third time in not even a month’s range where I’ve posted something and then you request a summary. And I find that disrespectful. I held back last time, because I’m a truly respectful person, don’t judge anyone, and hate making enemies (although I can sense I’ve made a few here in this community, again unintentionally), but I feel it’s necessary to ask now. The fact that I’m even choosing not to ignore this time says a lot about everything that’s at stake here.

Don’t we all come here to read other people’s opinions? Is reading not the only thing we do here if we aren’t responding? In no way am I forcing you to read my insights, but instead of requesting a summary every single time, making the very blatant and uncompromising point that you don’t like reading what I put out (that’s how I see it, which is why I find it disrespectful), you could just skip it all and miss out on everything altogether.

Admittedly, even as an avid reader, I find things too mundane to read through as well (sometimes I either skim through or skip entirely because the person has a bad writing technique, nonnative English speakers excluded, or is indistinct in their style), but I don’t request a summary every single time because that’s a punch to the face of the person who put it all together; what you miss out on, you miss out on, and it’s all in your hands, not those of another person.

In school, when a student doesn’t want to read the excerpt that the teacher assigns them, do they ask for a summary of it to recite to the class instead? Not typically. More often than not, the teacher will just assign it to a different student—one more willing to read the excerpt that they are not—and things even out from there, besides the fact that while the student who decided to take up the gauntlet learned something new, the student who refused may have learned little to absolutely nothing. It’s also offensive to the teacher because the teacher didn’t pick the student to read the excerpt only for them to refuse to read it because it’s too lengthy, too complex, or anything of the like. The moral of the story is to take matters into your own hands or bear the losses of the refusal to do so.

Rant over; sorry if that got a little messy, or if it’s too lengthy again. Any thought of it as such (as messy, or as vulgar) is a mistake that I will not refute.

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