Abyssal Tier Mythics Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the Abyssal Mythics here!

Any consideration in reducing the ridiculous cost? There’s a whole thread going on right now that no one from PG has bothered to address.


“Nightmares come to life with the Abyssal Tier Mythics”

Totally agree! Just look at the token costs…


I really like the “color scheme” on Cerberath

Yes; I will be lost, petrified and consumed.


Yep the nightmare is real. Huge cost for crappy abysmal dragons. Oh well maybe things will get better in the next year of the player.


Quick Question on violent Frenzy…

“Violent Frenzy deals 75% of the dragon’s max HP to a random tower.” … then says later “Violent Frenzy is the final spell, which fires a destructive bolt at a predetermined tower.” SO is it random, or predetermined?

So is this like incinerate and spell flux? Will we be told the predetermined order if it’s different?

Yes that is how spell flux variants are described. Random just means you dont get to choose but it follows a predetermined sequence

PG needs to re-hire whoever created Apophet. That’s what a mythic at the end of a tier should be. An awesome dragon for that level and the last lineage dragon that I remember being excited about.


Or the mytic Vanguards which all where great.


@Arelyna not sure you are following threads about Abysal costs… as there is nooo reaction from PG :thinking::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There won’t be any, this will be the only thread they follow (if any) as it is the discussion thread. Out of sight, out of mind. I doubt they will address the cost at all since they’ve given their answer in previous thread but they will probably answer questions about spells. Selective answers. But I’d love to be proven wrong :cold_face:

It is just sad :frowning: The costs way too high and no reaction yet

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Sorry, PG is not here right now but if you would like to leave a message at the tone… BEEEEP!


I know. It’s hard to react on such insane cost increase as there is no other reason that - we need more money… Which you can not state. Sooo :joy: silence… they are busy working on improving of egg tokens economy.

I think it is pretty clear. They needed more money.

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So I’m going to spend 520k tokens to get one and can’t even expert it? What a crock.

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Presumably expert mythic abyssals are balanced for 95s. So being able to expert them before 95s are out wouldn’t be balanced.


They’ve never done this in the past. This would be the first time they’ve ever released a lineage dragon that couldn’t be experted on day 1.

The game always had a push and pull with dragons and towers.

Did you got 95s or just 92s last event?

way too expensive.