Abyssal Tier Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss and ask questions regarding the release of the first wave of Abyssal Tier Dragons.

Dismal Tier.

ps love the new discounts.



Did I miss a SS of the new research inducing the required Garnet stuff? Was that posted?


So it sounds like you guys are sticking to your horribly incorrect assumption that all end-game players are sitting on millions of egg tokens? Figures. Hard to get through a rock wall of financial greed.


Real question… would changing the egg token boost to 200 and 250% (like the one time PG changed it for the rest of a season due to the bug) help to alleviate this abyssal egg wall?

It wouldn’t change much for whales who will still buy them via chests anyways, but it gives an opportunity for those who actually grind to stay relevant when near this wall. It also addresses progression of all levels, the more you work the more you get. I know it doesn’t completely make up for the 66% increase or whatever (maybe just 60? idk) but it could be a step in the right direction…

edit: And they already have the code for this… so it wouldn’t break anything else (allegedly)


We’re not against the “PG, Can We Talk” initiative, but comments/posts that are only the hashtag will be hidden and marked as spam in threads outside of that one. If you have other feedback, concerns, or questions, please leave them here as they pertain to the Abyssal Tier Launch, New Research, and New Tier-Based Discounting.


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If your not against it why keep pushing things at the ridiculous cost and why is there no talking being done with the playerbase other than we see your concerns?



So I am really excited about the gold tier discount. Getting gold research is a massive pain right now, and this provides a feasible way to get them. I think if my calculations are right, that brings the spend down to 672 per egg, which makes getting the 50 gold eggs necessary to get the ballista research to unlock the dark flak HP a lot easier.

Plus its good for the game overall, the price hike inherent in gold, jumping up to 100k tokens for two legendaries really needed to be addressed.


I refuse to do ur breeding event and breed and fort until u decide to listen to every single body so therefore with that :v:make sure you all watch that data real nice anyways it dont matter what kind of dragon is released in fall after fall it be worthless anyways


That’s definitely where my research slowed to a crawl as well. It took months of side-breeds to finish gold research, and as a result I stopped after getting the good flak research upgrades in saph and haven’t done any research in almost a year. Might have to actually go for it now.

I spent a huge amount of hours grinding tokens to finish what I considered relevant research for gold, I’m glad others do not need to do the same.

Being just ahead of the overall discounts but far enough behind end game to not be relevant I have no comments on the offered discounts except I’m glad for others and new players.


Research is the only thing I can do and actually get something accomplished this breed. I can’t afford the new dragons so yea for research I guess :woman_shrugging:



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While I completely understand the frustrations, please keep the discussion on topic.


Tokens to high thats our concern,


I hope you guys plan on earning overtime this week. From OUR perspective, this is 101% ON topic. We didn’t want this tier and certainly NOT at these price points. The forums are littered (in the oh so literal use of the word) with player requests and outright begging for stable servers, bug fixes, Atlas features or repairs, economy fixes and we get a lazy tier with the most absurd costs ever.

The noise level needs to increase, not be censored and players need to stop enabling PG’s poor behavior.



I think perhaps PG has missed the point of our proposals if you think that the #pgcanwetalk movement wasn’t intended to address concerns about the dramatic increase in cost for this tier, which this particular post would in fact be about, yes?

When can we expect further conversation about these proposals, so that we can properly prepare for the future of the game?

Can PG confirm that if they roll back some of the proposed cost increases that egg tokens and/or mystic fragments used this week will be refunded to players who start breeding before such a reversal occurs?


Now everyone is just going to bully PG even outside of the main thread too?

I’m wondering how the research structure lines are gonna look. What is behind or next to what, can’t wait to see.


I thought a few months ago it was too hard for higher/ end game players to get egg tokens cause they didnt scale in the egg missions.
Next PG brings out scaling for each tier giving them upwards of 50% eggs.
Now we have too many so let’s increase the amount of the new tier by a crap ton.

That’s great thinking…