Acceptance issues discussion (LGBT and racism)

Now I know you’re probably going to rant on about how I’m attention seeking etc etc but I’m not. This’ll is generally an issue that I face, and I’m sure others have too.

Now first, you’re gonna tell me to block them And I have.

So the problem is with a game like this, a lot of different cultures will play it.

I just wish that everyone could be positive to each other but I know I’ll never get that because it’s life lol

So with LGBT, you act how you want to be treat and then you get accused of being a stalker. Like for example once I was accused of being a 39 year old man when I said I was a guy, I want to be referred to as a girl, so what? We are in the modern world. Just accept LGBT. And I know for a fact that a lot of the gays, lesbians, and bisexuals I have met on this game have been very shy with being themselves. I try to make them feel comfortable because we will have gone through the same thing, some time or another. It’s just nice to have someone in the game you can count on.

I’ve also seen racism in this game, using blanket terms for religion etc etc, it’s just not nice.

I just wish people could accept us as part of the gaming community, and I know I’m going to get a lot of people nagging and hating me for this post but… Please think before you voice you’re opinion. Anything you say on the internet is there forever. Can we all be kind and get along no matter what we are or preferences are?

Anyways thanks for reading, lots of love Jade.

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I have had no problems on this game, I am out with my team.Tbh, it shouldn’t really matter in a game like this. Hope things get better for you.

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Thank you.
At the end of the day, I know no amount of kindness will ever change people.
But in a game where chat rooms are so open, it’s very easy to voice you’re opinions, but that’s not to say you should,
And feel free to mail me whenever. I’ll enjoy your company.

BTW what does this topic relate to when reporting someone?

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I don’t care whom you pray too I don’t care whom you sleep with nor do I care how many extra parts you have or don’t have or what color you are. Just don’t think that by telling me any of the above information will make me care any more or any less


Yep, nailed it. Oops. Missed the o and t from not.

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Look above

At what? I don’t understand sorry.

What I said who cares about that stuff fly your dragons yeah??


Oooooooooh! Well yeah I do but thanks for that, appreciate it. :purple_heart:

Where in the game does it say make sure you discuss your religion - sexual preferences - and physical attributes- race , color, creed to improve game play. No where I’ve seen

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True that, but some people like prying into other people’s business Andy spread rumours if you don’t tell.
In my case, I’m really open with it though. Like of you don’t like me, then it’s cool. Not my problem.

Exactly only thing that matters is do your wars do your events everything else is YOUR BUSINESS


Again, true. I hope that was ten characters lol

What are you trying to achieve with this thread?


Just play the game the way you want.

Block people who annoy you.

Don’t let the negativity come because I play LoL, DotA, HotS and overwatch where racism is pretty rampant.
An example is “oh your from [race]. Your just a maid to us”. or “kill yourself please. You’re a waste of our time and probably killing yourself would help everyone”

Also received death threats in the past which I replied “you want to kill me? Please do so, I want to die already”. So far, none has done their part. Basically, just ignored them after that.

Just ignore everything that you dont want unless you want to read and get depressed by it.

Awareness, that’s why it’s in general discussion.

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I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Feel free to mail me in game :slightly_smiling_face:

I just ignore everything to be honest. As long as I can play games, nothing really matters to me.

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Do you really think that people that offend and attack you in game will come to forums to become more aware of the issue by reading this? IF they are already here, do you really think they will read your thread and stop doing whatever they are doing to you?

No offense, but I just don’t see point in making a thread like this, PG can’t do anything about this issue and it literally is just a thread that will be responded 100 times by people that feel compassionate about your situation and nothing will change… It’s the issue in real world that is much bigger then this game…


So… what is your suggestion? Can’t we just be a happy family and get along?