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Wouldn’t it be prudent to give players that are waiting Atlas Access, those of us on teams that were told we were getting in but are stuck waiting with no foreseeable time frame, access to the Atlas forums? That way we can ask questions, and comment on posts such as some of Gox posts that are made as guides or introductions

It would also be super swell to inform us about how many teams are getting in each day and in what order you’re adding them. Keep in mind, we are customers you informed would have access to this feature on a particular day and then when that day came you changed it. I appreciate why you changed it, but keeping us adequately informed should be your priority.

Now after 2+ years I do know that customer service is pretty low on your priority list. I’m tempted to make a ban inducing rant. But i thought I’d give a nice plea a try.

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While that’s a nice idea, it would be best to keep access to those that actually know what they’re talking about. You can still read them, which is an improvement from last forum.

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I mean I can just clutter the other forums with posts. And honestly, many players that have been playing it for even a month don’t fall into your criteria. I mean there’s literally posts in there with team names on them that should be in Atlas but we’re held out while PG removed their heads from their stink holes. We can’t even comment on the posts that say we will be delayed. It’s a new level of helmet wearing. Thankfully doll faces with superiority complexes get to post on the other forums in here. Thank god for that.

I thought we all had access to em now? I see the Atlas discussion area. Is there another secret squirrel area?

It’s read only for people on teams without Atlas access; new players whose teams just got Atlas access should be able to not long after their team gets access. I didn’t really feel an immediate need to post, so I don’t know how long it took.

So why is it I have access to Atlas on my team but am unable locked out of posting questions on the atlas forum? That makes no sense to me.

Open the game, click on settings, click on forums. Open the forums through the app. Once you do that, it should trick it I to giving you the access you should have. That’s what i had to do.

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Thank you! That worked :grin::grin:

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