Access to Egg Missions from Outside of the ZMB

“ZMB” is an abbreviation for the Zeppelin Mission Balloon, made for a shorter title.

As a player, I have always wondered why there isn’t access to the token missions in the Zeppelin Mission Balloon from outside of the balloon. In the attack screen, we can see what’s at hand in it, but we can’t really tamper with anything unless we do it from within the balloon. My suggestion grants the following abilities:

  • Access to the ZMB from within the attack screen, using the panel to the side
  • Ability to claim completed quests and/or speed rendering quests up from this panel

This uses an already-existing feature and makes a few minor refinements to make the overall process more convenient. I don’t think that being within the parameters of the Zeppelin Mission Balloon should be a requirement to claim and/or reset token quests.

You can already do this through the missions panel in the attack screen. You just cant collect completed missions. However since you always go back to the base screen when exiting an attack or finishing one then you can just collect your eggs/timers there. Doesnt really seem to be a need for that other than in atlas or pvp I guess.


If your constantly farming you don’t have to go back the base screen. You can just hit that little check box at the top right on the results screen.

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What good would that do if you’ve already finished the attack? You’d just be able go the zeppelin on your base after the attack

When your farming bronze chests any time you can save helps a lot.So going back has loading and going back to attack it is another loading.
Sometimes I forgot about mission eggs when I am farming.That is my fault though hahaha


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