Access to Riders via Atlas

As I’ve become more active in Atlas, I’ve noticed more and more places for improvement.

One of the more minor suggestions I have is to add a way to access your riders within Atlas as well as the main game.

  1. Riders are strongly tied to Atlas, so it only makes sense to be able to access them from within Atlas as opposed to having to return to the main game. Think about it— one the ways (that is, if there are multiple, I honestly don’t know) to get red and blue rider shards is Atlas. There is an event where you train your riders. Some of the best gear comes from Atlas. I could go on.

  2. For the first year and a half that I played WD, the device I played on was old and incredibly slow (and I know I’m not the only one where this was the case). It was a pain to switch between the main game and Atlas, taking several minutes for everything to load. Of course this is no longer the case for me, but I’m sure some still struggle with this. If I’d had access to my riders in Atlas, I could have saved many minutes of waiting for either Atlas or the main game to load.

These are my main reasons for this proposal, though I understand that many players may not see this to be necessary. I only thought it might save some players both time and energy (which would have gone into annoyance at having to switch between Atlas and the main game so many times - see #2 under “Why?” for an explanation as of why this could be a source of annoyance).

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but… what would this improve other than having to leave atlas like a couple of times a season to train a new rider? Im not really understanding the issue other than it’s a minor inconvenience having to switch game menus

As I mentioned, it is merely a suggestion that would improve the playability for the handful of players who have the issue I did. It’s difficult to articulate to someone who hasn’t experienced it on a regular basis (in my case for a full year and a half), as I hope it’s safe to assume you haven’t. I suppose you could consider it just for convenience, though, certainly in my case, it detracts (past tense for me) from the fun of the game and can discourage players from Atlas and all things connected to it, such as Atlas riders. Again, I suppose it’s not something that needs to be addressed. I’d just noticed it had never been brought up (to my knowledge - I of course have not read every suggestion ever posted) and I think there are a few players who might appreciate it.

As for it being a “minor inconvenience,” while, as I mentioned above, it could just be considered inconvenient, I would not say that it’s minor, considering it could very well dictate a player’s motivation to progress in certain areas of the game.

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