Access to the Atlas Forum

Just checking on when the new additions to Atlas will be able to participate in the Atlas Forum Discussion? Anyone know?

To be clear the issue I wanted to comment on was the Atlas troop transfer quest. It seems that no one on my team can complete it and we cant get to the next quest until it is complete. I have moved my primarch out of the home base (since the troops otherwise just go straight to the primarch bypassing the barracks) and gotten the troops into the barracks/garrison, then moved him back and made the transfer. But when I do the troops transfer, but I get the spinney “computer is thinking” icon which I have left running for up to 10 minutes until I cancel. the troops move, but no credit for the quest.

You should be able to get it after logging into the forums from in game after you have Atlas. I don’t know if you actually need to launch Atlas or not though.

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thanks Liz. I was not logging on in game but just through a computer.

Don’t forget to search the forums. Basically it’s a glitch because before the last update you could transfer to a barracks, but now that’s impossible.

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