Accessing the forums while on cellular (not WiFi)

I thought I was the only one that couldn’t access the forums from my phone unless connected to WiFi until it came up today talking to some folks. I also decided to try and different devices in my household and for whatever reason, I can only connected over WiFi, not cellular.

It’s not a location issue because I try at work and home and it’s not different.

Just trying to find out the cause of the problem.

If you can’t connect, chime in here with your device as well. I’m on an iPhone X, and have also tried on an iPhone 8, iPad, and some sort of galaxy (not sure which)


I don’t need wifi and on android i access it at work on breaks and use data

it always crashes if I try to open forums in game, doesn’t matter if on wifi or not

edit. but my name finally changed to what it actually is in game :laughing:

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I presume this is in game? I only use the forums in a browser, that always seems to work fine

:thinking: randomly (even thought that something blocked it, since I could access the forums using different proxy at the time)

No this is out of game

I only use forums through browser and on my iPhone X and don’t have issue with it whether it’s data or WiFi. I’m using Safari.

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Works for me on iPhone using Verizon

I’m on iPhone with Sprint and access through my browser (Safari) using only cellular data.

The only issue I have is that when I am prompted to log in, it appears my credentials don’t take. So I enter my info, still doesn’t show as logged in under my account, I search Safari for “War Dragons Forums” and click to go and boom, when it loads I’m logged in. I suspect this is due to my privacy settings, and not a forum issue, though.

Works for me too :laughing:

I’ve accessed the forums on my iPhone SE over cellular and WiFi using Safari. Both methods work (most of the time anyway). I only access the forums via WiFi on my iPad Pro since I don’t actually have a cellular data plan for it (though it is a model that would allow that possibility if I wanted to pay for a data plan for it).

I access forums regularly on both IPhone8 and XR using cell… I access it by clicking on a link I have saved in a line app tab… so safari?

Interestingly enough I think the issue might actually be a location issue.

I was traveling for work a few weeks ago and could not log into the forums for the entire week while I was in Indiana and not on WiFi (cell service was perfect at most locations I was at so I never turned on WiFi to test if I could get on that way).

I thought the forums were down the entire week, and when I returned home I could log in immediately (while using cellular data).

Game still worked as normal, and I could log on to other websites with ease the entire time traveling. :man_shrugging:

Also i always access the forums through a web browser. Never through the game.

If it’s the forum in a browser then it can hardly be a technical issue, it’s a simple web page that has no knowledge of your connection type. Could your mobile provider have blacklisted it for some obscure reason?

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I also cannot load the forums when I’m on cellular data :scream:

I dont have the same issue , I cant access the forums from atlas settings menu tho .

Speaking of mobile data connection , does your phone get heated too using WD and battery drops quickly :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:. Never happens with other apps

I am on IPhone 6 S

I’m unable to connect using cellular either.

Same. I am on a 6S+
If I have been playing the game for 15 minutes or more and get interrupted by a phone call, the phone burns my ear :joy:. Callers get “Hello? AAAAH!” In their ear.


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