Accidentally wasted gems when using 12 hour speed boosts

Right now, at least on the iPad version, when you’re accelerating building timers using 12 hour speed boosts, you need to confirm each boost by clicking an accept button.

Of course, that accept button is RIGHT OVER the button to spend gems to finish the construction. On multiple occasions, I was trying to accelerate a building by several days using multiple 12 hour boosts, and then accidentally clicked the button to use gems. Of course the gems button DOESN’T have any confirmation - it just immediately deducts gems. I’ve probably wasted over 10k gems accidentally hitting the gem button, including 4k on a single building today.

If I was the cynical type, I’d say Pocket Gems purposefully designed the interface that way, to get players to waste gems and have to buy more.

I tried contacting customer support, but they said they can’t refund the gems, due to concerns about fraud. They suggested posting here. Hopefully this will get some traction and a fix - the button to use gems really needs its own confirmation box, at least for anything over 1 hour / 60 gems or so.

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Apply multiple already use all the required speed ups that you have from 1 minute to 12 hours. The priority is from 12 hours down to 1 minute.

Why use one at a time?


Like suggested above “Apply multiple” is probably the best option, however adding a confirmation pop-up isn’t a bad idea, I have never had any issues with this but anything that uses so many gems should have a confirmation button.


I was incubating a dragon, and wanted to speed up. But as I am as parsimonious as Scrooge McDuck I only wanted to reduce the incubation time to 23 minutes (a trainee dragon on my roster had the same healing time)

It really is annoying that we need to confirm every single 12h watch, I wish there was a feature to enter a multiplier

You misunderstood me. I didn’t waste a single ruby. BTW 23 minutes wouldn’t cost more than 24 rubies, would it?

Apply multiple will go over the amount of time needed to complete construction with the available speedups. If all you have are 12 hour boosts, you’re wasting quite a bit if you’re just applying multiple. I’m sure there are other reasons why “apply multiple” wouldn’t work for every person in every circumstance.

Regardless, if they can implement an “are you sure” for using the 12 hour boost, why can’t they do the same for the button to use gems? When I mentioned it to my team, other people said they’ve made the same mistake before, so I’m not the only one.

I’ve done it before myself, when hatching Sorchil I believe…

I was agreeing tyyreaun

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Yah, sorry - still getting used to the functionality on this board :slight_smile:

Yup. Happened to me too in the early days. Confirmation for Rubies. And lose the confirmation for backing out of a battle.

I’ll admit I’m a statistic and that I’ve spent rubies accidentally before also. Let’s get this changed!

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