Account banned for no reason


I can not access the game since 19 Sep…
When i was trying to contact Support, but only got this reply.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

I’m sorry but we still haven’t received any updates about your ban appeal, and I apologize that it’s taking more time. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we receive anything from our team about your case.

Thank you for understanding and patience.

Then i waited for a few days, and i got this reply.

War Dragons Support
September 24, 2017, 20:49 +0800
Since we haven’t heard back from you in a while, this conversation has ended. Feel free to start a new conversation if you have any more issues. Thanks for supporting War Dragons!

Please tell me what kind of rules I have violated in the game? Rather than no reason.

@pgCampusLifer @PGJared


Since my mate was banned for no reason, I am no longer want to get the top prize.
At least, give one explanation.


Can you answer this question? Has been more than a month, he is a good man, enthusiastic help novice
@pgCampusLifer @PGJared


I’m taking a look into this one now.


I’ve reviewed this account and the ban is going to be lifted. There was a number of false positives that showed up in our cheat tools for your account. After a full review it looks fine.


Thank you PGJared!
This is GamerSi, a passionate and loyal player of War Dragons. I started playing it daily since late last year as elite status. In fact, I have been so passionate about the game that I woke up at 4 am (sometimes) to play it and created Excel spreadsheets to support my building and breeding strategy. Before OpenJohn978’s account incidence, I was even thinking to ask my girlfriend and good friends to join me in the game.
Personally speaking, OpenJohn978 is certainly one of the nicest, honest and most knowledgeable player I have met in the game over the past many months.
Many times he stayed late and woke up earlier to play the game and fight for war, and helped his teammates. He even warned us some possible cheating behaviors that other guild used and told us not to do them. OpenJohn978 is really the core spiritual leader of the guild, and most players (if not everyone) respect him in the game. He certainly has my (and many others’) utmost respect and trust in the game.
The mistake of locking his account for more than a month really impacted not only him, but the morale and interests of many other players including me for the past 6 weeks.
May I suggest PG provide some sort of makeup for OpenJohn978, either through gold chest or speedup, as his account was mistakenly locked for the past 6 weeks?

Once again thank you so much for giving a fair treatment for this amazing player.



Thank you for your help.
Can i access my account now?


Yep, absolutely.


Thank you for taking your time to check my account.
And i have been able to sign in to my account.


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