Account banned since 19th September



since 19 September my account GoodOldBill7DS can no longer access the game. When I try to launch the app a message appears saying that the account is suspended for violating Terms of Service.

I contacted Support and they answered that “It seems you have been banned for cheating or exploiting (playing the game in a way that was not intended by the developers)”.

Since I never cheated or exploited, I asked them for more details about their allegation. I received an answer stating they can’t give details due to security reasons.

I thoroughly checked both the Terms of Service and the Rules of Conduct, but I found nothing that could explain what’s going on: I never did any of the things listed as illicit.

I contacted Support again and they said they will review my account, but they can’t give me any prevision about how long it will take.

Last message from Support on 27 September says “Since we haven’t heard back from you in a while, this conversation has ended.” I replied to the message but received no answer.

On 3 October I asked for help with a message in the old forum. An administrator (Dragon Punch) wrote me a PM asking a question about my account. I answered his question.

Then he asked me a second question, but the old forum went read-only before I could answer.

I waited until the end of the 2-weeks-long migration and I logged in here, but I could not find the former PM.

Now I’m asking: will the old PM be resumed to give me a chance to answer? Or else, will some administrator write a new PM to me?
Or else, should I copy/paste Dragon Punch’s question and give my answer in this public area?


PG does not ban people for no reason. You must have done something; e.g. perhaps exploited the forge glitch from a couple months back.
Does look like poor CS on PG’s part, but you should be used to that.
If you’d like to get Dragon Punch’s attention, I recommend you tag (’@’) him. I would message someone that works with Support or Banning.
(You may also want to tag your post if you want it to be seen and replied to by a rep in a timely manner.)


@pgCampusLifer @PGJared may I bring this post to your attention? My account has been banned for one month now, and still no one gave me a sound reason.
A thread in PM was started on old forum with Dragon Punch on this issue. Is he still here to complete the conversation?
A review of my account was ongoing. What about it?


Dragon Punch isn’t currently on the new forum, but they are looking into this.


@PGJared do you have any question for me?


PG , as a teammember of GoodOldBill7DS i kindly ask you to make any progress in short time on this issue. we do miss this valuable teammember for so long time now,


Bill is a person of integrity PG. I’ve played alongside him since he started playing and have only witnessed what would be considered normal activity. He’s smart and he saves…he had the ability to open 100 gold chests without a “purchase” because of this. I’ve done it myself. I realize you must have mechanics built in for suspected cheating but it has been over a month. If Bill has done something wrong I have no doubt it was unintentional. Even unintentional, Bill would accept the ruling. Please let him know…


If this can help solve the issue, I post the questions an admin asked me in the old forum.

First question was:

"I took a look at your account and we can see a really big ruby increase from July 27,2017, where you had about 4k rubies then your ruby count increased to 60k rubies to September 9. Our records show that you made no ruby value pack purchases during this timeline nor did you received any gifted rubies.

Can you please explain how you got all those rubies without buying any value packs?"

This was my answer:

Sure I can: since 27 July I collected as many rubies as I could, mainly from event prizes. I always score very high in events and I get a lot of rubies. I’m confident you can find evidence of this.
I waited until the new season to convert rubies into gold chests. My plan was getting sigils for the new season and other useful stuff for the first fighting event.”

Second question was:

We can also see that you’ve gained a lot of dragon xp in an attack where you earned 44175 when the max was 2855 for Kelvin at level 1. Are you using some sort of exploit or mod?

The old forum went read-only before I could answer. So I give an answer now:

I used no exploit or mod. As far as I understand, max xp per attack is related to player’s level, not to dragon’s level. At my current level (159) I get more than 80000 xp per attack. I don’t remember when Kelvin was at level 1 (maybe I was 110 or so) but definitely my max xp was much more than 2855.

Are my answers satisfactory? Do you have any other question?


Amazing they don’t know how xp is determined. Playing the game should be mandatory for support staff :joy::joy:

Scoring 8-9k per event which looks like was your run rate is certainly possible if u go very far each event. Eg last event max rubies was 12330.

Reinstate this man!


SPECTACULAR they dont even know a core mechanic of their own game. Experience is based on Player level not dragon level. Care to share who was that admin that asked that SPECTACULAR question?


@PGJared might i advise train your admins or who ever that employee who asked that question. seriously he or she doesnt even know where EXP is based on. Can he or she get punished? Its like calling a help line where the operator is stupid.

The inconvenience done to the player is unjustified because of the admin’s lack of knowledge.


If someone has max xp of 2855 and has kelvin now THAT is suspicious :joy::joy:


@Grumpybigbird constantly having a go at PG staff isn’t going to help solve this problem. Please be more constructive. Thanks.


:joy::joy: u need some original content :joy::joy:


You need to stop spamming! :wink:


Can’t help myself I’m addicted… :sweat::sweat:


No problem. But think before you post. I’m addicted to playing War Dragons and I can’t.


Do not ask that an agent be punished. The reason the agent asked that question is because the validator threw a warning that the xp gained was higher than what should be possible. In cases like this the agents generally trust the validator.


PGJared, please answer our GoodOldBill, not to the reactions.
It is really an awfull problem for this player and his team to be banned so long and have has so long time no answer by PGpeople.
Please, the reactions are not relevant in this big issue i think


I typed this outside the app and can’t paste it so here are pictures of it lol