Account banned without reason


@PGJared @pgCampusLifer
I have seen you guys help someone to handle the account banned issue. My account was banned from July. I have contacted the Support at that time and I received the below email.

I’m sorry dragon Lord but for privacy concern we are not allowed to say any details of the investigation done. All information about your ban should have been stated on the email that was sent to you by the development team. Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, I have not gotten any response from the development team. Would you please told me which rule I have violated?




Tag @pgCampusLifer and authorize him to release the reason why your account got banned


Nightwalker once to be our cherish team member.
He’s kind and always like to help and cultivate low level players that just jump into this fantastic dragon world.
Also he likes to share his experience and knowledge to everyone in team.
He is a challenger, likes to try to beat high level base again and again, and get high score in event, too.
I believe he’s innocent and please help to investigate, he didn’t cheat.



I took a look into this ban and it does look like a false positive. Our team will be lifting the ban in just a moment.


Thank you so much sir!!


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