Account Deletion?

How does one delete an in-game account? I recently rediscovered my old account and wish to remove it.

You could try cheating and forcing it to be banned? But other than that I don’t think there is a way… just let it die. Why do you need it deleted?

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Say you are 12 and have people report you.

Their ToS states they must permanently ban you if found to be -13 sooooo have fun :hugs:

If I were to purposely get the account banned would I be able to create a new account using the same email?

Of course not


How is there still not an option to delete an account?

Why do you need one?

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Possibly a safety measure to make sure no one can delete your account maliciously, game has a bit of an issue with hackers after all

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Yes. Support mailed me their requirements 24 September 2020 but not sure if it’s valid. You might want to send a ticket to ask them


Just log into your old account.

Okay I’ll try this.

If they ban your account, per the support email your email is also banned forever from the game. Just reset your password if you forgot it and log in, or make a new email for a new account.


This seems like the best option.

Contact support and ask to have it banned or deleted, whichever you prefer. You’ll have to go through a verification procedure, though. If you just don’t want to play anymore, then uninstalling the game is probably the best way to go since it’s quick and easy.

Best option is let your account float in the void.

I would have thought there would have been a way to delete accounts without emails being blacklisted.

Especially with all the GDPR stuff a few years back. But hey I suppose it gets the job done.

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