Account dissapeared

I got a new phone and the game deleted my account I was a high player and lots of big dragons. Now I have to start completely over… I’m not going to play the game anymore. Spent money and lots of time on this game. Very upset


contact support and ask for an account recovery

Linking my old post since it’s almost the same:

I assume you mean you got a new phone and signed into either google store or iTunes and downloaded it, but the game didn’t magically know it was you?

Did you register your account? Do you still
Have your old device?

Did you register a pocket ID for your game? This is the easiest way to get your account back. If you were high level especially you should have registered one. If you still have your old device you might consider getting back into your account and create a pocket ID.

If you have a pocket ID already you just need to log into your account ingame from your level 1 new account.

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I did all that and it was gone. My old user name was buggz. I will not play
anymore if i don’t get it back. It was a lot for me to getnthat far in the
game for it to be gone

ya sure that you sent a ticket to support?

Was your old account on Android and your new device is an iOS device? Or the contrary. You actually need to ask support for a cross platform transfer. It can be done now.

Worst case scenario it takes a couple weeks to get to level 49.

You have to login with your pocket id, which is an email address you registered. It is also possible to login with Facebook if you registered your account to Facebook.

Alternatively you can contact support and give them information to help them find your account and to confirm that it is your account and not someone else’s. This method is the slowest and should normally not be needed.

On your old device, if you still have it, try to open war dragons and take a photo of the account page and the about page in settings. If your account page does not show a pocket id, you should register one. Then you will be able to log off of your old device and log on to your new device.

If you need support and the ingame link does not work for some reason you can get to it from here:


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