Account Hacked and Stolen Then No Help or Support After Spending Over $15k

On going issue now for around two years. Was in Diamond in top 4-5 team named Lethal Squad…had a two week vacation planned to go to Canada on a fishing trip. Explained to officers and they were cool with it and told me since I wouldn’t be able to do wars due to no WiFi or cell coverage to drop and they would bring and alt in. Then to just email them when I got back and I could return to team. So I did and went on my trip. This fishing trip is so remote that they fly you back in on lake and there aren’t any roads in or out. After two weeks and the flight home I tried to log into my account and got the message account is ban. I was like what the hell…I emailed support and got the canned reply like they didn’t even read my ticket like normal. Emailed called for weeks…old account name is xGrandMasterx it was a level 257 two years ago and I spent well over $15k US on it…plus all my time and work put into it. I know account was hacked and can and have tried to go through the channels to get help even tried on my new account here which I have spent atleast the same amount if not more. Need help either getting credit for old account on this one or help some how cause it just isn’t right! If I took $15k+ from someone I would be in jail!

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Who did you give your information to



call the police I guess. You clearly gave your logon credentials to someone so not really a hack.


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You want to appeal a 2 year old ban? :flushed:


So this happened 2 years ago?


Yes I have been emailing and asking for help this long. I know everyone who spends $15k+ if this happened to you…you would still want help! Really sad tbh with all the technology with device IDs and IP addresses why they can take and ban an account without any proof nor anything. I’m taking the rights and all income from the game and giving them all back to the players because this is what I say…and you all have to because this is what I say…just doing what you all did.

No one

No I didnt…email account was hacked…they even emailed everyone and it was in the news…hmmm…explained this to PG also.

Yes this summer will be two years.

Almost two years…I know you would ask for help also if it was reversed.

Sent support a ticket with reference to post and reply was I was told on Oct 2017 I wouldn’t receive any help nor would I get any proof of what they say is true…just that they took my money.

Well, in addition to your email address wouldn’t they need your password?

I suspect there’s more to this story but I guess you can either @ Jared or someone or put in a support ticket. What did PG say to you when you told them all this?


I want to see how this turns out tbh, never heard of a ban appeal after 2 years


Your ballistas must have been huge.


The canned reply stating account is banned. Not answering or replying to anything I said nor asked for. Honestly if money and my time in the game wasn’t involved I wouldn’t care. But as we all know many and most are honest and spend a ton on our accounts. The few/ many that do cheat screw and only hurt us all when there are real cases.

Maxed lol. So :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t understand the correlation between your claim it was hacked and their claim it is banned. You wouldn’t be trying to get around said ban by saying someone else actually stole your account and was the one who was actually cheating?

Tag Jared if you want help here. Not much any of us can do beyond speculate. As much fun as that can be it does nothing to resolve the issue for you.

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Tagging @pgjared to add to his storytelling time tomorrow :eyes::popcorn:

@SavageRain make a reply saying you give Jared your permission to share details of your case on the forums.


Sorry I honestly don’t do forums until now and so much respect to all. Just hope I can get credit to my current account if account can’t be reversed. They can see how much I have spent on this account just like my other. Plus see device ID and IP address used but I don’t want two accounts just want to play and enjoy the game like always.

@PGJared please do

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