Account issues and Cannot access help menu


I’ve been experiencing a few problems with the game over the last month or so.
I initially contacted pg about the problems I’ve been experiencing and received a typical response of “we are aware of the issue”.
The problem was never fixed and I never heard back from support. Now when I log in I can’t even access the help menu lol
Because of this I haven’t had much desire to log in over the past month.

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years or more ( about a week after it’s release) and have spent quite a lot of money on this game in that time.
I’ve weathered many other problems in that time, even having my base completely erased with pg unwilling to help correct the issue at all.
This time the issue is affecting my elite account status.

In closing, I’m sorry to say that if this issue is not resolved, or I don’t hear back from support, I’m going to have to walk away for good and warn others about wasting money on this game.


You ask for help and then make threats, way to go on getting people to help you.


no threats, just facts. Thanks for weighing in, hope it never happens to you.


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