Account rolled back every day: sigils, event progression, 3,000-3,500 bronze chests gone



That happens to me, too. It’s odd – sometimes only Dragon XP, roster, & loot are affected. Sometimes, event progress & prizes are also wiped out. I can’t seem to isolate what’s causing it. Everything from me swapping out dragons on my roster to my wifi connection has been blamed. I was finally able to get a short & sweet example of it happening without the Sync error appearing, so I’m starting to think it may be a separate issue. Support is currently investigating this last video I provided, so hoping it helps.


lol, after sending in this very clear video, the support rep tells me that Hau apparently wasn’t rolled back because the ending XP was higher than the beginning XP :joy:

How about the fact I leveled her in the middle of the video (13:19?)

“Other [dragons] may have been rolled back because they have plenty of surplus XP and they may be hitting a ceiling that cannot be surpassed.” -Peter, support

Anyone ever heard or experienced this? If you’re den-capped, your XP doesn’t count? My experience is that it banks the XP for when you’re no longer capped.

The annoyance just grows.


It 100% banks. I level up my divines every den cap to max again because of banked XP. Ask it to be escalated because he has no idea what hes talking about.


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