Account selling


I wanted to report a few hours ago a person i definetly know she bought the Acc. (I know the one who sold… and he proved it)
So far so good. But for some reason i cant upload the Screenshot now in the support ticket. (Loading loading loading…) i have 350mbps Wifi
Is there any other way i can report her or send the Screenshot? Cause support needs the SS and as i told - i cant upload it there
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You can upload the image to a site like imgur and then link from there.


Why do you care so much lol…


Thanks. Did


:eyes::popcorn: don’t skimp on the fallout


The best thing about game account based forum accounts, you can now see who snitches and bitches and go play in game with them lol


yea forum accounts should be tied to your game accounts. This guy looks like he is dying of jealousy lol. Whoever he is snitching on probably considers him a friend.


@TheBULLDOG very true


I highly suggest not using the forum as a tool to harass players in-game. If we find cases of harassment due to forum use we are going to take a very hardline stance on it.

(Not saying that you’re harassing anyone, just nipping any potential ideas in the bud.)


I never would be so petty but I bet it’s going on already, just yesterday after my comments on a thread I had 12 people bookmark me lol


Yeah, if they get out of line please report it. The forum is meant for communication between players and to build a community. If people use it to harass or harm others it will not go well for them.



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Same here. :joy:


I was told if someone is to give away their account they have to write p.g and get it approve anything else is bannable is this true? If so I will share this on w.d.u so it reaches more players.


Buying / selling / trading accounts without permission from PG is a violation of the TOS and can get the account banned.


Perfect, thank you:)


How do we get permission? Do we make an in game ticket?


Yes, you have to submit a ticket and explain why you’d like permission. 99% of the time we don’t grant it, but there are the rare situations where we do.


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Just hoping to not get banned for a 20th time eh CB? :stuck_out_tongue:


What? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just trying to extend a gesture of good will. Just because I’m occasionally a jester doesn’t mean my gesture is without merit. You gotta believe me! I’m just trying to be nice!