Account Sharing Clarification required

After this post from @DragonPunch , i am here to seek clarification on few cases in what is considered account sharing?

  1. I create account on my iPad and refer to myself on my phone and create another account on my smartphone. When i am at my home, i play my main account on iPad and sometimes i logout and login my alt on same iPad because its more convenient to fly hunters on iPad for me personally. And when i am not at home, i logout my alt on my smartphone and login my main account so that i have access when i can’t carry my iPad outside.
    Is this case considered as account sharing?

  2. I get to know the game in a country where the game is available on android and i install it on that device. After coming to my country i realise its not available in my country’s playstore, but realize that game still works. After a few days, i logout on that device and login through an iPad where the game is available in my country. And use account on both devices while ensuring i only have one device logged into an account. Is this considered account sharing?

  3. I play game on a device for few days/months and after a while shift countries. I then get a new device in the other country and login the game using that device. Is this considered account sharing? Also, in this case how do payments work?

  4. I get 4 devices and create account on all 4 devices. After that, I only have access to one device and hence I end up using all 4 accounts on same device. Is this considered account sharing?

Seeking clarification on these so that we get better clarity and understanding on what is account sharing and what can get us banned. These are pretty vague so it would help us a lot.

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Inquiring minds want to know…

This is another shot in the leg

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how so?

seeking clarity ? or account sharing ban plans? very vague statement

When they want to deal with violations, they make violations impossible.
In this case, they promise to shoot :))

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Maybe, it’s possible that in the intent of PG is the account requesting to change the email to PG, they’re asking documents related to it

Theoretically…at least part of this was touched on after the Big Ban of January.

Sorry…couldn’t get the quote function to work properly, but @PGJared previously stated this.

I have elaborated it a bit and asked few more questions. Thank you very much, I am aware of that post as well

Should be. Is not a good enough answer.


Continuing the discussion from My account has been hacked:

A lot of this stems from crap like this. People buy or give away accounts, in this case likely bought, and then the account gets taken back and it turns into a long, painstaking process. This was just the most recent example that you likely see.


I agree on that shit. So I want to know what is the method PG chooses when PG calls it account sharing.


Account sharing, to me, is not having an alt account on a separate device, or even using 1 device for 2 separate accounts you created yourself.
Account sharing would be me giving you my login information so you can log in as me at the beginning of a war, and do my attacks since I am asleep/lazy/or real life prevents me from logging in at war start. (the third one seems to be the justification given by several people in the thread on account sharing).
To me, this is blatant cheating. Real life happens to everyone, on every team, and affects them all equally. Being in a high level team doesn’t change that, nor does the excuse that “we have to do it because everyone else in our league does it”.


I think that if this were the case the people who loaned the account that was stolen that has commented panda have personal information of that person or the gift or something else happened there but I do not think it is fair for others to apply that because many We play both tablets and cell phones because of work or personal issues, I work in two jobs and sometimes I have to enter force from my cell phone, really if they apply this will be an annoyance I say as a player and consumer because it is not fair that an emergency that you have to change the device do this better look for other options to fix that instead of making it general and affect everyone for acting like crazy​:expressionless::woman_facepalming:t4:

i have 3 accounts… and only 2 devices, so for me is impossible not switch in 2 different profiles with the same device… i would like to know how they check account sharing. differents between account sharing and switch account are litlle

and i pay 3 elite accounts with the same apple ID, maybe check is this… but can i have 2 different apple id…

Ehm, how should I put it… all the accounts that are subject to sharing have purchased something, therefore they are bound to Pocket ID, Facebook / Google / iWhatever. Also, the devices used have a unique ID as well. Let’s say I use my account on 2 devices: Tab when at home, SmarthPhone when not. And it shows a pattern, doesn’t just happen at a time of war, and it’s within a few miles radius, reasonable distance.

Shared accounts on the other hand can jump thousands of miles in a matter of seconds and are triggered by certain events, occasionally, whereas the usage is not regular and/or long lasting.

Determining if an account has been shared is complex, and I am sure they have the idea how to do that (or believe they do…)


I have created accounts, gotten them to a nice level, and then given them away. I don’t ask for them back, I don’t play them and I don’t sell them. Does this fall under this ban?

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I would like to know that too I have 3 accounts and one device, so what happens now? I pay elite in 2 and it means I am no allowed to play them anymore??? Clarification please!!!

jumping hundreds of miles in seconds is one thing, what about my ipad i keep at a vacation home that has a different apple ID associated with it… will that be an issue?

Are they actually actively searching or is this just to cover their butts so every time some complain about their account being stolen they can simply push the ban button and move on?

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what about people that travel constantly for work? some travel internationally for work on a daily bases and will log in and make purchases in all continents.