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I have submitted a support ticket reporting team TheOriginals for account sharing. I have been receiving generic responses so far with nobody actually wanting to assist, only saying that account sharing is against TOS. Even though we won the war anyway, I feel that some level of investigation should take place. Is there anything that can be done about this as the leader of the team has confirmed this is what they were doing and I have even included those screenshots on my ticket. Disappointing that I spend so much time trying to help PG find cheaters with no actual care factor behind the support members actions. @Arelyna

I actually know a few other people who share accounts, but I didn’t report it.

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What’s the point of this? If they ban people for this, half of diamond leagues would be gone (and maybe a whole team that I know off would be wiped out of existence)

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Are you advocating for arbitrary enforcement of the TOS? :stuck_out_tongue:

PG would never stand for that!

The point of this is that part of winning a war “should” be about participation lvl of the team. There are many honest teams out there who have lost wars because they don’t cheat like this. Personally I would not be satisfied with a win if I had to log the remaining accounts for players that did not show up, but whatever floats your boat I guess :man_shrugging:

For me, it boils down to 1. It’s against the TOS. 2. PG knows it happens but exercises their authority only when they wish. 3. As you said, it is unfair.

1 + 3 to me, should be sufficient to either force a forfeit of the war or a temporary ban… Maybe 24 hours first time, and double it each subsequent offense.

And yes, PG KNOWS. They log your MAC address and a unique hardware ID. I suppose the challenge is one person using the same account on a couple devices. But that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out and eliminate. Certainly, error on the side of caution. But don’t just turn a blind eye.


So you were relying on them not showing up to win? Lol

That’s not what I meant. But, if a player does not show up, it is against the TOS for another player to log on with that account. That is “cheating” both because it is against the rules and it gives the team who does it an unfair advantage.

I’m not really sure what argument you can make in support of this? It’s against the TOS. That really settles it.

Did you read the original post in full or just assume you knew what it was about before posting your irrelevant quip

I’m just pointing out the irony as the OP was suggesting PG to be more strict on account sharing :man_shrugging:

I am aware this would affect vast numbers of players and teams. You are right, AFAIK, that this would probably affect almost every team in D1 to one degree or another. But those would just be the most visible. I am sure many teams in other leagues would be affected as well.

To me, this is “minor” cheating, which was my reason for suggesting a forfeit of the war or a relatively short ban… Just to say, “don’t do this.”

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Well if the leader confirmed it, pg should investigate it.
But tbh, account there are worse things than accounting sharing, isn’t the mercenary thread still open? In my old team a member broke his phone and couldn’t get on for a week. Sharing the account was a way to get him through that week without kicking a loyal member.

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Sharing dont scare me.
Might it just be a symptom of a single player being able to affect a war in the amount they can now?

Id be interested to see some kind of cap on follows and defends so an individual player has less pull in wars. Make the whole team come out and play.

Although that might make mercs useless also, and we def dont want that thread to die =)

If sharing doesn’t scare you I’m guessing you never had another team 250 you in under 15 minutes. (I can’t prove sharing was real… But let’s just say there were never more than 16 people online at once… But there were always 15-16…seems a little suspect.)

I get that there are always extenuating circumstances and exceptions… Like the example above with the lost/broken phone. I get that. I know from a programmatic view point, it is very hard to tell the difference between the two. We’re looking at a pattern, not just a simple number. So, I understand why PG does not really enforce this, except maybe as an “and also” when they permanently ban someone.

Still… It’s not fair. It’s against the TOS.

But I don’t have anything more… I’m not unreasonable, so I understand why nothing is done. But it does kinda suck.

I think I’m just saying the same thing. So, I’ll be quiet now. :slight_smile:

Oh I was well aware before I made my quip. If PG is going to come down on this there goes diamond… bye bye 99% of their income! It won’t happen.

Although I am not against them coming down on it.just saying they won’t.

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That’s quite insightful and understandable from PGs perspective. In all matter of fairness though, allowing this to occur does not do any justice to the teams that want to and do play an honest game. I guess I should just suck it up and be happy we beat them anyway. :smirk:

By all means. Kick their ass! :blush:

To be honest though it depends on the degree in which it is being used.

Every team i have even seen does it to some extent. Most cases it is done in case a situation arises with a particular person. Ie. someone will have someone else’s account info in case something happens in their personal lives that prevent them from doing wars. Maybe they are going away for a weekend or something. When done in these situations i personally don’t care, and i don’t think anyone should care. yes i know it is against TOS and yes i know some of you will call this ‘cheating’. But i also think it is a little unreasonable to be constantly replacing people on a team just because they are going to their cottage for a weekend. Also not fair for a team to loose a war because one of their members is suddenly hospitalized.

That said it can be used in the extreme as i think the poster of this thread is claiming. Accusing 16 people of using all 50 logins to get all 50 war hits done in large waves. I agree that this is hardly fair play. Additionally i heave heard of cases where teams will use account sharing to play multiple accounts in a way to optimize defense. for example 5 people using multiple accounts each in order to join alot more defenses then they should. These examples are the extreme which are an issue.

Unfortunately i don’t see a solution. Stopping people from going away for a night or penalizing an entire team because one member is forced to deal with a personal crises seems crazy to me. As much as we are all dedicated to this game we need some way to allow this without replacing every team member who needs a night off or loosing a war every time something occurs on a personal level. Sure it would also be nice if we could stop teams from simply using their best fliers to fly every account and it would be nice to not allow 1 defender act as 3.

But unless you actually have a meaningful solution i don’t see the purpose of this thread. Give us a workable solution that isn’t a blanket ‘Stop all account sharing’ because as i said; that wont happen.


The purpose of the thread was to have a discussion about it and you have been involved in it. If you don’t see a purpose to it, why have you spent so much time writing a lengthy response? I value your input to some degree but there is no need to say what you did at the end. I am new to this forum so thank you for the cold welcome. Just so you are aware, even if I did have a solution to it, it is not my position to make that happen, that is PGs responsibility. Lots of people present a problem and need help to find a solution.


I am open to discussing it. But like so many threads in the forum i foresee people resorting to “No its cheating, its against TOS!” which wont solve anything. I wrote a lengthy response in an attempt to steer the conversation towards a meaningful conclusion. Despite that I am sure it will resort to people yelling at one another about how unethical account sharing is.

So i acknowledge your concern; but i challenge you to find a practical solution. :slight_smile:

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