Account Sharing


Just hypothetically. Let’s say my wife can’t do her war run and I would use her iPad and do her run. Would this be considered account sharing?


technically yes… Letting my 8 year old ‘try an attack’ is against TOS… Anytime anyone other than the account holder uses the account it is against TOS unless i got “written permission” lol

Now part of the reason this is set-up that way is to make any argument about purchases null and void.
“I didn’t buy that pack, it must have been my son. i didn’t authorize this!”. With this clause in the TOS no one can make that claim without first acknowledging they broke TOS. There are also clauses in there preventing such a claim as well. At least that is one reason such a clause is common in such games… Like most things in TOS it is there to Protect PG, not to protect players and shouldn’t be read as “the rules” necessarily. Unless it is negatively impacting PG they will likely have no reason to enforce such clauses. It is there in case they need it.


Completely agree.

Unfortunately, this, along with the $$$$ from “regular offenders” makes it extremely unlikely, imo, that PG will ever do anything. :frowning:


I have even less of a problem with the same device running the same account, regardless of who is driving the dragons.

And that would be impossible to prove from PG’s side… Seeing account after account in the same team logging in from the same device is a different matter. They can see that. I do not think there is an easy solution. Maybe limit the number of accounts that can be used from a single device in a certain period of time? Obviously, this is not perfect, but it would help in those extreme situations. Maybe no more than three unique account from the same device in any 24 hour period. Ofc, this would create other problems, also tied to PG cash flow. But… That is another matter really, since it doesn’t affect gameplay directly.


Limiting the number of times a single account can be logged into different devices in a certain time period may fix it… I dont know how easy that would be to do from PG perspective though. Nor if it is even worth their time given the number of larger issues facing this game currently.


I agree with you.


That is the other side of what I suggested. They are closely related, but from a network auditing point of view, this would be more difficult than limiting the number of accounts per device in a given time. Also, limiting in the way you are thinking would have the collateral damage of people who play the same account on different devices. (Edit: this second thing is not against the TOS, but if anything goes wrong with your account, you’re SOL.)


how about allowing maximum 2 logins from the same IP?

(yes I know you and your 8 kids all play war dragons… )


I know some people who have like 4 alts… i will never understand why. 1 account is too much work for me. But there are legitimate reasons why someone would have more than 2 accounts at 1 IP address.


yes but i meant concurrent…

I suppose its technically possible to have all 4 accounts in game at the same time, but its not like that person is “playing” them


Jade plays with 3 at the same time :man_shrugging:t3:
A person could have the fourth to watch for defends :rofl:


I could see it happening easily with couples that both play together


True although I would argue the greater good clause here :slight_smile:


i hate “greater good” arguments. It might be for the greater good to simply ban Panda from all things war dragons… doesn’t make it right. Although it would make me chuckle… maybe i should reconsider my stance on “greater good” arguments lol


hehehe i know I said it just to troll you, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Simply solution is to tie the MAC address with your Apple ID or Google ID. Then if you, say, log on your friend accounts, it will trigger the flag and instant ban unless you can show proof of approval from your friend to PG


Instant Ban or just deny the login attempt? Sounds annoying since i have played from about 5 devices all with different apple ID’s.


Maybe lockdown that account for 30 min or so.
If you have 5 different devices with 5 different Apple ID, I’d see why not :joy:


Do you mean generally or for the same account?

If generally, too many places use NAT and share the same outbound ip. Not just families but public access and shared internet connections.

Limiting the number of device id’s allowed to logon to an account in a 24 hour period, or the amount of accounts allowed to log into a device in a 24 hour period is probably a decent solution.


The main problem here is we have a game where 100% reliability in a 24 hour period is necessary to compete at all levels gold and above.

People share accounts to solve this problem. As an emergency backup. People would lose their minds if some flexibility wasn’t allowed.

I do think they could provide flexibility. There is no reason they couldn’t allow a team to be larger than it actually is for wars and have essentially bench warmers. It would tricky to program but worth it for the huge quality of life improvement in many aspects of the game.