Account Sharing


That could work too. Tie the MAC address to the ID and allow only 2 different pocketID to be used on same device


MAC isn’t really a great id. Not only does each device often have more than one but you can change them.

The device id is a bit more reliable. You could use a combination of unique info to collectively identify a device if you wanted to make it difficult to work around.


you mean the IMEI?


IP would not work. Far to easy to fake.

Needs to be the hardware ID or MAC (not IMEI either… Too ouch personal information from that if you know what to do with it).


MAC ID is easier to fake than hardware id, but both can be changed.

Changing hardware ID has greater consequences though (many security apps will stop working properly). Even Line will stop if that ID changes.


The gane tracks the MAC as reported by the device. AFAIK. It’s the same regardless of WiFi or cell connection.


I have 4 accounts - so please no :smile:

And yes I’ve had them all online at the same time before - mainly for wars


Lol. Nope.

Both Apple and android have a unique device Id. On Apple I believe it’s software generated for a unique number.

No clue how android derives theirs. IMEI is proprietary to cellular carriers. Would not work on tablets without cellular.


It’s randomly generated at the time the OS in installed. Reset the phone, and the ID will be different.

There are tools to keep it the same.


What would happen to players who really do have alts on the same team? Iv seen plenty of players who were were the only people who ever was on 3 different accounts


I once saw a team with literally only 5 different accounts, and the rest were definitely alts because they were named after the big in the team (I think he was level 200+). So say his name was ABC, all the other 45 accounts would be called ABC123, ABC124. ABC 125 etc. Hilarious.


I saw that team too. I was kinda impressed at his ability to control so many accounts.

If they used the same device for all three accounts, it might cause problems with a rule like I am proposing.


That’s why I don’t want that cause that just means that having a second Phone is Nessasary if you ever want to have a 2nd accont


You said three.


I know I’d did but if even 3 is common then having 2 on 1 device would also be common cause there wouldn’t be that many people that have 3 phones


I think you misunderstand my intention. I was saying there should be a limit of accounts per device. (higher than 1, for sure… probably at least 2, and I could be persuaded that 3 was reasonable).


In our family there are 3 who play WD in one home. There will always be abusers. I see no problem having a member on the team having codes in case of an emergency. Real life happens, and you don’t want to screw over your team because you had to take your kid to the hospital.


Let’s make a theory.
Let’s say you don’t have any friends, nobody likes you and nobody wants to fly with you.

Are you alowed to buy 50 devices and start your own one-man(or woman)-guild?
Now let’s say one of those 50 devices has a malfuntion.
Are you alowed to use one device for 2 accounts? temporaly

As far as I understood it the TUG about account sharing isn’t about (whine: they did their war runs like really fast")

I think the rule is there because auf incidents like this


Its the close solution i see :+1:


@Panda ?