Account Transfer Question 🦖

Hey forum friends,
I’m signing into WD on my new phone and I’ve got a question as to what that text means and if I should checkmark it or not.

Obviously I don’t want to save the lvl1 account lol, I want to get back into my hellraptor account! Should I leave that checked? :t_rex:

I think that it’s optional

I’m confused on the “Yes I want to save my game” part. Does that save the current one that I just created? :t_rex:

Do not check it.


Forget what I just said

If you have more than one account, and check this, you will get the level display glitch when switching… Maybe not immediately, but it will happen.

In other words, don’t check it.

Oof, okay lol. Thank you for the quick reply :grin: :t_rex:

The question has been resolved.
@moderators work your magic!:sparkles:

Lol, wait a minute buddy. Got one more question for the forum family.

It’s stuck on “Uploading your data to server before quit”. Does this just take a long time or something? The circle’s just goin’. Game ain’t frozen, but I’m afraid to touch anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

Just force close the app and then go back in. It does this all the time for when I try to log in to my alt.


Awesome, I’m in! Thanks very much. I get super anxious about losing any sort of data :laughing: :t_rex:

Glad you were able to get this resolved without issue. I didn’t have any problems when I transferred my main account from the first iPad Pro that I had (which I sold so I could get a new one) to my newer iPad Pro. (Original was the 9.7” model, new one is the 10.5” model.) Then again, I set up the new 10.5” model by making a clone of the back up from the old iPad. Some people prefer to start their new device as a new one rather than a clone of the old one. I had a bunch of artwork so setting up as a new device didn’t make sense for me.

I signed out of & deleted WD before I transferred my stuff over to my new phone (from a 6s to an 8+) ‘cause I thought they would do a manual transfer of all of my data like they did a few years ago, and I didn’t want anything going wonky with my account. They don’t do it like that anymore—all of my apps and photos got transferred, but stuff went through iCloud, which I hadn’t really used before and was surprised to see that I’d already unknowingly backed everything up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Cool news is, I finally have iOS 11 (couldn’t upgrade before) and can put in my dino emoji without having to type out the forum code for it! :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

Also means you can record your runs

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I actually didn’t sign out of my account when I changed over from one iPad to the other. I actually had the account alive and active on two devices (though I didn’t try to sign into the game at the same time on both) for a bit before I restored the 9.7” iPad Pro to factory settings.

Yeah I avoided this glitch for 2 whole years but it finally come home to roost… :cry:

:scream: how horrible!

My poor alt team just has to put up with it being targeted during PvP…

Whoah, I’d be scared of data corruption :cold_sweat: :t_rex: