Account Transfers & Shared Accounts

Hey folks,

In our efforts to crack down on global cheating we are tackling a number of vectors that have caused significant problems for players and the War Dragons team. Starting today, the PX team will no longer be granting permission for account transfers.

Far too often account transfers end up becoming protracted custody battles where multiple users have all the original documentation, which means that a large amount of PX resources go into handling a tiny number of cases. We are also seeing account sharing tied to certain cheating strategies which is also hurting our efforts to combat this cheating and appropriately deal with the accounts.

If you have existing written permission from PG to share your account, you’re still fine under the terms of that agreement. If you are sharing your account and do not have permission from us, be aware that we are going to start cracking down on this and you will likely get banned. We highly suggest that if you are currently sharing your account without permission that you stop doing this immediately.