Achievement Bug

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I don’t cheat or hack but I wanted to report a glitch/bug in the game in which the game would let me reclaim all the past collected point achievements in fortification again. Please fix this!

Are you sure it’s not just a sync error and you didn’t actually claim them before?

contact support first and if they are not able to resolve it, then that’s the time you PM a PG employee (Arelyna) directly

If you remember the atlas achievements bug then this is something similar to that just happened. I was just going to collect one point achievement and the game suddenly says that I can claim the first 18. I think that this is another bug that PG should fix

Are you getting the rewards twice or did you get them the first time around and then claiming them the second time did nothing? It’s most likely a sync error but if you’re getting the prizes twice then something is up. :t_rex:

I got them twice. And I agree, something is definitely up. I just hope that PG doesn’t that I cheated. I understand that there’s lots of bugs but this one is definitely a must-fix.

Wow. Definitely send in a support ticket or something. That is really weird :t_rex:

Just sent one and PMed Arelyna directly. Hopefully they can fix this issue

try not to contact any PG employee when you recently sent a ticket. Wait until a support cannot resolve your issue before escalating it to them.

Oh, okay. Didn’t know but now I do, thanks!

@moderators please close this topic!

Did you get it fixed? :t_rex:

Mods be like:


Turns out it was just a visual glitch. The rubies and sigils disappeared after I restarted my game as told by the help desk.

So it looks like issue is over now.

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