Active 239 with lvl 22 Nocta considering a new sapphire or better home with multiple castles

Language: EN
Time Zone: GMT -4
Played time: since Sigurd was a thing
Age Range: 29 with many years of experience
Elite Account?: yup
Dragon Roster Includes: Nocta, Necryx, Fomhar,
Highest Lineage Dragon: Nocta so far


Many of you have seen me around. My original two teams ended up collapsing, found a decent sapphire team with 7 castles but also with drama and too many who don’t pull their own weight. I play too much, and probably should just retire but I figured I’d toss my net out there and see who bites. I guess technically I am the one biting and sampling bait.

I pull my weight and generally finish above the 450 sigil prize and complete all or most of all quests. Missed one by a few minutes since I was gone all day to a baseball game.

Maybe I’m dreaming that teams exist without the free loader, toxic types in them. Can you prove me wrong?

Not trying to be snobby about the castle thing, I have only had Atlas for a short time so I would like to experience its benefits.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Well we aren’t sapphire, but we have atlas :blush: lmao have some spots to fill if this interests u… Highest level 340+ a few 300s several 100+ and 200+ players… Perverted twisted family kind of a team :see_no_evil: lmao mail me here or in game if ur interested, we would love to have u!


We are looking for members with strong bases and high drags you seem like a good player. We are in plat 1 but we are going to saph again we dropped a couple weeks because around 4 teams had an alliance to hit us and made us drop but we are a very active team most of
The times we place in 1-2 okacenin plat and saph is in the top 10 mostly. We have nine castles and looking at getting maybe 2 more. Let me know if you’re interested and Il let my leader or officer

Nine castles, nice. You must be doing something right. Still weighing my options at the moment. Homeless and missing out on crafting gear in the meantime.


In atlas we have a very strong alliance with saph 1 teams and outside of alliance group we have alliance with alotnof diamond 1 teams when we get hit they come and if the get hit we go help in stlasnevents we always end in 1-2 place as well sometimes above diamond 1 teams. But good luck with the options hope you find a good home



Can make a spot for you if interested.



Hi FLAK, we are a steady sapphire team looking to replace a couple low participating players, happens to all of us. 4 castles moving into expansion with a solid alliance.

Well… We are starting out with 3 castles and have booze fully stocked on each… :eyes: lol… Come to the dark side… Clothing optional :joy:

LOL, all the pigeons outside the castle gates would puke up their seed if I ran around in the buff.

Found a team, thank you all for your consideration.

Happy flying


Good Luck and enjoy!

This player has found a team, as stated. Closing :kissing_heart: